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The best laptops of 2022

Elexa Martinez - I love my Mac book Pro. I do a lot of content creating. event planning and accounting on mine. My husband works on a Mac Book Pro as well and he works in IT for a large agency and he really likes it. I think it is dependent on what your business is and what you will be using it for.
Cindy Sersig - I love my Mac. I love that it shares everything that I want with my phone so I can go between the two for my businesses.
Carol Mullins - I love my Mac and the ability to synch devices across platforms plus thin and lightweight.
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Susan Smith - I love my Mac. Lightweight, easy to use, good battery life
Laura Wilkinson - The Apple MacBook Air is super lightweight, yet sturdy. It's a powerhouse laptop that is great for mac enthusiasts. My only con is there are not enough external ports.
Kali Thompson - just bought one a couple months ago to upgrade a very old chromebook and i absolutely love it!
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Danielle Williams - I cannot imagine my life without my MacBook. It is literally the best thing that ever happened to me. Its so easy, fast and just convenient to use. For my job I use a Dell computer and honestly just for my peace of mind I find myself using my personal MacBook during the workday just because it is...
Megan Sammons - I have had my Macbook Pro since 2012 and it still works very well. I have only had to get it fixed two or three times.
Mike Geasland - The new M1 chip is fantastic. It blows my older intel machine out of the water. This is probably the best deal in laptops right now.
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Amber Neuhold - Great computer. I have the newest Macbook that has the M1 chip. It is very fast and works well.
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Emily Brewster - Great laptop and I never have to worry about not having a charger for it because my phone and laptop charger the same way.
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Elissa Tompkins - This is my business and personal laptop and I really love how efficient it is. I did a lot of research before purchasing it and it meet all my expectations.
Lindsey S - I love my Dell XPS laptop and did a lot of research after deciding to switch from my LG and have been happy with my purchase. I needed it for school and personal and now business. It meets all my requirements and expectations!
Laura Butler - OK I may have a problem. I have the older model Dell XPS 15”, the one where the camera is on the bottom of the screen. Other than that it was great. But I couldn’t help myself and I bought the new XPS 17” and 13” versions. They are truly the most perfect laptops of their size I’ve ever had. Now I...
Emily Midgley - I love me new HP - 15.6" Touch-screen Laptop with Intel Core i3 - 8GB Memory - 256GB SSD. It is amazingly fast and has voice guided set-up.
Amber Neuhold - A great laptop. I would suggest getting the 8 GB RAM they are the better of the Pavillions and work the best .
Victoria Grinde - Best tablet/computer! I love how versatile it is.
Steve Banfield - This has been for the last couple of years my favorite Windows machine. It has the more traditional laptop like form factor but with a detachable screen which you can use like a tablet. I use mine for everyday work and all the heavy image editing from my photography hobby.
Glenn Howell - Durable with a very bright screen with a lot of options and easy to customize.
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Laura Butler - If you want to be productive and treated like the serious business person you are, you need a productive serious computer. A couple of tablets, a smaller laptop, and an extra monitor don’t cut it and they cost about the same in total as this gorgeous machine anyhow.
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Ian Jones - Although I already have other laptops, this Chromebook also works pretty effectively as a tablet. Its keyboard doesn't detach, but it has a touchscreen and supports Android apps.

I was expecting to just use this device as an extra screen and to bring along on trips, but I was surprised to find t...
Emily Midgley - I absolutely love my new HP Laptop. It operates at lightening speed, has the larger 15.6" screen and was in the $500 range so it didn't break the bank.
Soledad Gonzalez - Super light and fast laptop. Very pleased with the functionality and performance of this laptop. Also, the feel of the keyboard and the screen are great.
Joey P Villarreal - Not sure if anyone is in the market for a new computer - but this laptop is the JAM! SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE so if you find one GRAB IT!!!!
Oliver Scholz - This awesome Chromebook is also the best tablet I've ever had. I've had iPads and Fire tablets, and the Surface Go. All of them went unused in no time, for various reasons.
This one is a nice computer when the keyboard (which comes with it) is attached, and a nice tablet when the keyboard is flip...

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