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The best leaf blowers of 2022

Dagan Martinez-Vargas - love it. has different blowing power levels
Nathan Kriege - Leaf cleanup without the stink of gas. We get about 30 minutes which is plenty for our medium sized yard. Ryobi makes a whole slew of cordless tools that use this same battery, so if you already have another One+ tool you can save some money by buying without the battery and charger.
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Victoria Grinde - Bought this for my husband and he loves it. Works really well! We like the Greenworks line.
Nathan Kelly - Let's just say that I've become a little bit obsessive about our small patches of lawn lately. I've always dreamed of having a beautiful lawn and am excited with how that's progressing. This blower is a perfect addition to the arsenal! I love the fact that it's electric (less noise), battery powe...
Claudella Constanza - This leaf blower gets the job done. Is not cordless but it's very easy to handle.
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Debra Willendorf - I just got this new cordless electric leaf blower last week. It is so easy to use. I had been using a corded electric blower - however I rarely used it because getting the extension cords out and then coiled back up was just too much trouble. We have lots and lots of maple leaves. This new blower...
Molly Pearcy - The Worx Leaf Blower is a good leaf blower for a small residential yard. We have had ours for nine years and it still works as well as the day we bought it. It makes cleaning up all the fall foliage a much more manageable task.
Amanda Carretta - We get our yard done in half the time with this product! It's easy to handle with the backpack feature as well.
Thomas Chaffee - Greenworks battery powered tools, the leaf blower is great. Very powerful and they don't use gas.
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Find the best products & professionals
with a little help from your friends.

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