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The best lip balms of 2022

Mandi Pacer - Living in dry Colorado is harsh on your skin and lips, I always have one of these in my pocket. My absolute favorite is the pomegranate flavor - very juicy and refreshing!
Carly Canter - Smooth, soothing and all around great for everyone. Limited fragrance in the original beeswax.
Kali Thompson - really soothing for dry cracked lips!
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Alexa Kim, Beth Brown and 1 other
Mandi Pacer - I am a low-maintenance self-care kind of gal and this product exceeded my expectations. Living in Colorado where you're constantly having to put on moisturizer since it's ungodly dry here, this is a must-have in your beauty tool kit. I use it 3 times a week, and my boyfriend appreciates my lips g...
Elissa Tompkins - This makes my lips so soft and one container lasts a really long time. It smells good and I can wear it day or night.
Zoe Gregorace - Perfect product to keep your lips moisturized over night! Love all the different flavors too
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Victoria Grinde - I have extremely sensitive skin and other than Aquaphor, this is one of the only other things I can use.
Mandi Pacer - Visiting my best friend in Florida a few years back she introduced me to this amazing lip balm that was perfect for a sunny day at the beach or skiing the slopes back here in Colorado. This product is starting to show up in many more stores here (hair care, lip care, and sun care). My favorite fl...
Cindy Hawkins - I love this lip balm! It's safe for my sensitive skin and smells fruity and tastes sweet. It comes in several different scents (pomegranate, banana, mango, watermelon, coconut) and has an SPF 30 sunscreen.
recommended by
Heather Smith, Sarah Baird and 1 other
Maria Ronquillo-Galicia - One of the best chapsticks I ever owned and have, they are great for not only dry lips but are VERY effective and helpful towards cold sores if you ever get sick or end up getting a cold sore (apply it as early as possible if you ever see a cold sore forming) I told my friend about it and she is ...
Eileen Barri - fav fav!
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Jessica M Shapiro - Good standard! Love the mint tingly feeling.
Liz Huerta - This is my favorite lip balm. I feel like it keeps my lips moisturized throughout the day. I have re-bought this multiple times.
Stephen Nash - For years I have been addicted to Chap Stick. I kept a tube in my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Also in each car and at work. Tubes didn't last very long as I was constantly reapplying throughout the day. I thought that there had to be a better solution. I did some research online and asked arou...
Victoria Grinde - I have such sensitive lips. This is the only thing that I use. Aquaphor is straight magic for you lips!
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Mandi Pacer - Colorado is dryer than the devil's armpit sometimes and you need to be constantly applying lotion and lip balm to get through the day. My lips feel soft and quenched whenever I use EOS! Love their entire line, sweet mint is my favorite.
Carly Canter - Great for yourself or a gift for a friend. They come in multiple colors and scents too!
Brooklyn Benjestorf - I bought this lip balm a few weeks ago and I'm now totally obsessed. Lip balms are tricky - I have some sensory weirdness around the texture and if they're too sticky or cakey, I will chew them right off my lips or wipe them off. This stuff was like a little bit of heaven smeared onto my mouth. I...
Kaylee Emerson - BUY IT
Carly Canter - Burrrrr! These cold temps have severely chapped my lips and this lip balm is the only product I will use on them! Instantly moisturizing and lasts longer than other products I've tried. It doesn't leave an awful scent either!
Kali Thompson - by far my favorite lip balm, they help your lips feeling smooth without making them feel overwhelmingly dry or oily
Mandi Pacer - Constantly putting on balms and chapsticks to fight the dryness in Colorado, this has become a staple in my daytime and nighttime lip care routine. It goes on very smooth and silky and the scent smells like a beautiful rose garden. You can find it at Ulta or Amazon.
Alexa Kim - I like these, too. Having different flavored lip balms is a little treat. Stick this and a few candies into your pouch that has your hand sanitizer and Madewell bandana. If you're anything like me, it will make you happy. :)
Mikaila McLane - I own 4 of these! An excellent “dupe” for the Fenty Beauty gloss bombs which I also love! If you’re looking for an affordable lipgloss that feels luxurious I highly recommend these. My two favorite colors are Ice and Stone. Don’t be intimidated by ice looking frosty, it’s practically clear with t...
Patricia Burnett - It is hard for me to find a lip balm that matches my lips, or the lip balms leave my lips very dry! But coming across Vaseline Lip Therapy in the share "rosy lips" really helped my lips become more hydrated and a cute shade of pink!
Carol Mullins - Don't forget the sunscreen for your lips.
Cindy Happel - Love my lip balms and this one is an inexpensive balm made by a family run business who started out in farmer's markets and got so successful, they ere able to go national. I love the story behind the balm on top of the fact that it's a great balm!
Christy Hussain - I've gotten everyone in my family in love with this stuff. We keep a bottle in every room!
Zoe Gregorace - I love this lip product! It's super moisturizing, tastes awesome and has a great texture
Lori B Yoga - BEST! I came across this product at a Create & Cultivate Conference about four years ago and my eyes have never strayed to another since. This stuff is amazing and cures a chapped lip if it's in the onset or full blown ugly chapped. It leaves your lips feeling soothed and the products lasts becau...

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