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The best lunch boxes of 2022

Emily Midgley - I like these because they are super easy for kids to use and also very easy to clean.
Victoria Grinde - We have this bentgo meal container for my daughter and we love it! Love how the inside part can come out. If your kiddo doesn't like their food touching, this container is great! If you want to separate items (i.e. crackers and meat) so things don't get soggy, this is great!
Elissa Tompkins - I use these for my portable snacks for my kids. We take them with us to the zoo, aquarium, and park and pack their favorite snacks.
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Victoria Grinde - I just got one of these lunch boxes and it is AMAZING! I want to get one for my husband and kiddo.
Liz Stella - This is a neat design with the perfect depth for lunchable items. Vivid colour choices and a zipper, plus a wipe clean interior makes it a win at home. And a handle to carry in case you can't stash it inside a bag!
Victoria Grinde - We love these containers for my six year old. Keeps things separated but secure. Easy to clean!
Natasha Willis - I love the whole Bentgo line. I like how easily it fits together and it's so easy to clean
Sandra Jacquemin - This is a super item when needing to pack a lot of different snacks on the go - for yourself or your toddlers. Works awesome for Disney.
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Amy Posner Wolff - We have been using these amazing lunchboxes since my kids were in preschool well over 15 years ago. The stainless steel boxes are still in great shape. We have replaced the carrying case a few times. I love only having to wash one container and packing waste-free lunches. They are worth the inves...
Brooke Piszczor - This lunchbox is genius! Goodbye to the condensation ice packs leaving everything wet!
Soledad Gonzalez - It's a great lunch box for kids, sturdy and good size departments including a thermo.
Chris Manderino - So I know there is no school right now but we use these going to the park, work/school lunches or just rushing between sports practices for dinners. They clean super easy and stack. Bonus you get a spoon and fork (but not a spork) - now if I can only get my tween to actually use a utensil.
Elexa Martinez - This container has stood the test of time. This one has been our staple container for our elementary student's lunches. We have tried many and this one in the one that has lasted the longest.

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