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The best massage tools of 2022

Victoria Grinde - While this tool looks weird and feels weird at first but I guarantee you will become addicted!
Mandi Pacer - The best manual massager money can buy for your precious nogan!
Carol Mullins - I first got this as a gag gift, but it's actually relaxing. So I bought one when my first disappeared. You'll be surprised if you've never used this before. For $5 great stocking stuffer at Christmas too. Or for a new mom, or someone in the hospital. Great, fun, gift.
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Cindy Sersig - I didn't know this existed until I saw it here on FreshChalk. I've used it a couple of times and it really relaxes my muscles and I'm not as sore the day after intense exercise. Yes it hurts when you first lay down on it, but after a couple of minutes, I find it comfortable and I can actually rel...
Karline Nogales - It works! I bought it a few weeks ago for my lower back pain, and after the first use, I immediately felt a huge relief. I recommend it.
Joyce Ling - It's not as scary as it looks! It is a bit painful at first to get used to the spikes on this mat, but if you have chronic back pain, this has been known to alleviate a lot of that. Just take a look at all the stellar Amazon reviews for this thing! After a long day of sitting weirdly, this thing ...
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Victoria Grinde - This Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager is heaven. It was a spontaneous buy but so worth it! I use it daily. Super affordable and works wonders on those sore muscles.
Karline Nogales - If you like deep tissue massage, you need this product. It does a great job, and you have the option of adding a warm function to your massage. I love it!
Augustina Liu - I have a similar one and it's fantastic! Every time I use it after, my shoulder feels so refresh and relaxed. Highly recommend!
Paula Claure - It's been an amazing product for my back, it takes some time to get used to the mat, but you can tell right away the calming sensation in your after you use it. With the little pillow, it can be used for migraines too.
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Carol Mullins - Quick buy on Amazon. Great for massaging scalp while shampooing but not something to use every shampoo.
Christina Nelson - This brush is awesome for deep cleansing the scalp. I use it in the shower 3-4 times a week along with a clarifying shampoo to help remove product buildup. It feels amazing and it works better than fingers alone!
Meredith Fife - I just bought this acupressure mat based on the recommendations here. I have found it works best when I lay on my bed with it. I also really like to stand on it while watching tv, it's quite relaxing. I didn't have any pain when I first tried it out but I would suggest starting with small chunks ...
Rebekah Bastian - This mat is amazing. You lie on it (carefully - it’s pokey!) and literally feel your entire body relaxing. I ordered it from Buddhi- my friend’s company that’s also a great cancer survivor & thriver community)
Kathleen Brown - I have been using this regularly for years, primarily for anxiety and sleep. It is a secret weapon—totally and completely obsessed!
Brittany Menestrina - This is on the higher price side but it is worth it. It comes with a great hard case instead of having everything in a bag. Super easy to find everything!
Glenn Howell - Safe yourself the hassle of making a million trips for every little thing and invest in this the minute you buy a home!
Mariella Tamayo - I use this every night after my workouts! Helps with faster recovery and helps get rid of my soreness so much faster!
Ngozi Musa - The Hypervolt is great for warmup and recovery! I use a foam roll as well, but the Hypervolt does the trick!
Carol Mullins - OMG, While visiting a friend, I complained of stiff shoulders and neck. It looks funny, but works wonders on calf, foot, neck, shoulder, back.
Carol Mullins - Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Knots, and Yoga Therapy. Not sure how these are different than regular Lacrosse, maybe the color. Highly recommend for releasing tight shoulders and foot roller.
Christina Nelson - This neck massager is awesome. It gives an intense, kneading massage that has really helped my tense neck and shoulders. The handles also make it easy to target any areas that are causing you trouble. Love the performance and the price tag!
Meena Caputo - I have had these, from Amazon for YEARS! It may seem intimidating to cup yourself but the relief is WORTH IT! Youtube and the internet has tons of resources on how and where to place the cups and all you do is stay still. I have been experiencing pain from the long hours at my desk this year and ...
Julie Joyce - My husband has back problems and this massager has been great in getting deeper into the muscles that I was able to with a hand massage. It isn’t too heavy, which makes it easier to use.
Cindy Sersig - I ordered this for my husband for Christmas. We all use it regularly. It is great for deep tissue and working out the tightened muscles. It comes with 4 changeable heads and has 3 speed levels. It charges with the USB cord and holds a charge for several days.
Victoria Grinde - Ordered this for those times where I have to be at my desk for a long period of time. It is small and sleek but super effective. I definitely recommend this item! Oh.... I also love that there is a heat option!
Jenny Wang - Theraguns are perfect for stretching sore muscles! It is also small enough to fit in a suitcase.
Lindsey S - This amazing massage gun comes with 6 attachments and 20 speeds to choose from. Good quality and sure to target any tight or pent up muscle tension. Good for before and after HIIT workouts!
Piper Casey - Hand held massage gun for deep muscle relaxation

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