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The best mattresses of 2021

Mandi Pacer - I always thought I'd be a forever fan of a pillowtop, but I was converted to a Purple lover last summer. I was reluctant and it did take a few months to get adjusted to it (mostly because I felt like I was levitating), but now I would never go back. The price tag can seem scary, but you sleep at ...
Brooklyn Benjestorf - This was my first "grown up" mattress purchase. I actually had some money to spend, did a ton of research, and ended up with my dream mattress. It's extremely comfortable—I pretty much melt into it every night. It has temperature regulating technology, which is very important to my partner and I ...
morgan tucker - i cannot say enough good things. we recently just decided to upgrade our mattress and this has been amazing! its so comfortable and i dont wake up sore from sleeping on an old/uncomfy matress anymore. i have been getting much better sleep since upgrading to the purple mattress
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Shannon Garbaccio - We purchased a Casper online about 7 years ago and at that time it was really affordable. We love the mattress. I recently saw that Costco is carrying them now. It is about 1000 for a King, which compared to some of the stores we check out is very reasonable. As I said, we've had the mattress for...
Steve Dossick - We have a Casper Wave Hybrid, which is super comfortable. We put one in our guest room and my parents loved it after an extended visit so they got one for their house too...
Jacob Hollenbeck - I purchased an Original Hybrid mattress from Casper a few months ago. I originally had a Tempurpedic mattress, but the memory foam does not hold up well and it turned into a saggy sponge with little contouring for my body. I had pressure point problems on my shoulder and had to get a super firm p...
Jennifer Haller - I purchased my original Tempur-Pedic mattress 20 years ago and am STILL loving it. At the time, it was a big investment for me but I have recouped that cost 2x over with its longevity. I never sleep as well in fancy hotel beds, I am always eager to get home to a good night's sleep in my Tempur-Pe...
Tammy Mayne - have a Tempur Pedic Ergo that has the gel top so it doesn't get hot especially during the summer. It's awesome.
Lindsey S - I'm a side and tummy sleeper and l just got the Pressure Smart Firm mattress in December and have been loving it!
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Melissa Gallagher - My sister has these. Anytime I stay with her, I make a mental note that when we upgrade our mattress, we're getting this one! Feels like a night in a nice hotel bed!
Christy Hussain - I have Airbnbs and use these mattresses. They get rave reviews and I use them in my house and have had many guests ask about them
Molly Pearcy - We have a Leesa California king and love it! We like it so much bought one for my parents house for when we visit them.
Chris Manderino - We love this bed. If I want to read in bed, push a button, if I need to raise my legs (like when I hurt my foot this summer), push a button, if I want to track my sleep progress push a button. All of this available on my phone - love it!
Allison H - I love my Parklane mattress - high quality and they started off as a local, Portland company.
Cindy Sersig - We bought the TemperPedic Proadapt Medium in July and it was the best purchase ever. My husband and I still sigh as we get into bed and say we feel like we melt into it like butter! We bought the model that raises the head end and/or foot end. It has a few different massage settings and a light u...
Elexa Martinez - We just got our Blackstone 12" Memory Foam Mattress a few months ago at Costco. It was super affordable and we love it. Comes in a box that fit in our SUV and was easy to set up.
Elissa Tompkins - We purchased this bed for my (then 2.5) year old and we love it! It is so comfy, low to the ground, has sides that make it difficult for him to fall out while sleeping, and is quality built!

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