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The best peanut butters of 2022

Victoria Grinde - This is a go-to in my shakes! Love this stuff. It isn't chalky. So yummy
Melissa Gallagher - Love using PB2 in smoothies and even some baked good to get all that peanut butter flavor without the fat. Two tablespoons is just 45 calories (versus 200 for regular peanut butter).
Kristie Presten - I love peanut butter and this stuff has saved my life! I can enjoy peanut butter now without the oils and sugars.
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Amber Hoke, Ashley Moubray and 1 other
Natasha Willis - I love Justin's peanut butter. Such a great texture and delicious flavor!
Patricia Burnett - YUMMY almond butter! I use this on toast to even my smoothies! It gives it that creamy texture! I want to grab a spoon and eat it from the jar. It is that good.
Victoria Grinde - The gal who owns Nerdy Nuts has created some of the BEST boutique style peanut butter that I have ever tried! She ships all of the country!! My favorite flavors are the Toffee and White Chocolate. Its so good!
Meredith Fife - I finally tried the chocolate caramel pretzel flavor and wasn't disappointed. My kids ended up finding it and eating most of it, so I need to hide it better. They make so many great flavors that I want to try but they sell out fast, so be ready to pounce!
Joy Shempert - I ordered a jar of pumpkin spice flavored. After 4 wks on getting it I was highly disappointed. When I opened the jar it was solid liquid and I could smell the oil. It never thickened like peanut butter. I couldn’t wait for it to come in and then i was truly disappointed. I still have the jar I c...
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Victoria Grinde - So I didn't buy this peanut butter because I'm doing any sort of Keto diet. To be honest, I was a little scared to try after buying it. I bought it at Costco (and a few other kinds/flavors) because I love peanut butter and I wanted to explore new brands and flavors. WELL …. I opened the NuttZo ja...
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Mandi Pacer - Nothing beats a childhood classic of PB&J! I am super picky about my peanut butter and refuse to eat generic brands, yes there's a difference!
Sandra Jacquemin - Put this all my smoothies!! Such yummy creaminess, not chalky at all!
Madison Mutziger - Love this peanut butter, tastes so natural!
Zoe Gregorace - Love this brand of peanut & almond butter. They come in these awesome squeeze bottles- awesome for smoothie bowls!
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