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The best pet care of 2023

Karline Nogales - I have two cats and they always try to scratch the couch. I have multiple ScatMat by the couch and they work like magic. You can put them around your plants and choose the best size and shape for the space. It does not hurt the cat and he is going to learn quickly that he can't go to the plants.
Cindy Hawkins - After getting our pup's teeth deep cleaned, I wanted to make sure her oral health was maintained, so I purchased this daily additive to her water which keeps her breath fresh and defends against plaque and tartar.
Carol Mullins - Works great for both my dogs. I like the chewables that last a month for heart-worm, flea and tick and other biting insects.
morgan tucker - If you have dogs that love to track mud through the house, this is for you. Also, works amazing if you have small animals that produce strong odors (hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc)
Mandi Pacer - Our poor pup suffers from allergies and has a number of hot spots on her paws and body throughout the year. To prevent constant licking and soothe these trouble areas, we like to use this product as a quick remedy.
Carol Mullins - Buster Hemp helps my pup after a long day on the trails, when she was stiff and sore. Don't take my word for it. Try it yourself, your pup will thank you.
Karline Nogales - I have two cats, and at night, they go crazy. If you have cats, you probably know what I'm talking about. This spray really works to calm down my pets. It makes a noisy hiss and releases pheromones.
Carol Mullins - This is great at spraying on the coat between washes. My dog finds the stinkiest things to roll in. I love the smell and its good for their coat as well. Mist it on, wipe it in and it removes a lot of the odors of outside "stinky stuff."
Karline Nogales - My cats get crazy at bedtime, so we bought this plug-in diffuser to calm them down. So far, we are happy with the results.
Erin Lee - Our small puppy was recently spayed and this inflatable collar worked well as an alternative to the large plastic cone the veterinarian sent her home in. Only had to add a little air a few times.
Jacob Hollenbeck - Our cat has very sensitive ears and had a problem with digging in his ear (to no avail). Our vet suggested this stuff because it doesn't have alcohol. It makes his head smell very fresh/clean as a side effect. We use it about once a month to prevent build up. I recommend soaking a big cotton ball...
Carol Mullins - When you furbaby has a dermatological condition and itches this shampoo is wonderful. Oatmeal and other ingredients. I've only had to buy it twice in 10 years, but each dog it did wonders and worked so quickly. The itching stopped immediately after the first shampoo.
Laura Wilkinson - These lightly scented pet wipes are great in-between bathes and to help combat little pet odors from being outdoors.
Guilherme Nogales - Perfect seal to keep your cat’s wet fresh. One lid fits three different sizes of cans. Silicone material makes it easy to clean.

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