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The best pet grooming supplies of 2022

Molly Pearcy - The FURminator is great! It is a huge help with my chocolate labs shedding.
Brittany Menestrina - This is the best product. Our groomer does a full treatment with the shampoo but between grooms we use this religiously!!
Catherine Hazen - With having a Labrador that sheds a lot, the FURminator is such a great tool! It pulls the loose hair and helps so much with shedding! Our dogs have enjoyed the process and it helps keep the house a little cleaner ;)
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Victoria Grinde - I have one of these groomers in a few different rooms and our cars. I love it! works better than other groomer tools we have purchased in the past.
Elissa Tompkins - Great brush for short haired dogs! They come in blue or pink and they also have a cat one.
Natasha Willis - This is so great! I use the cat one!
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Victoria Grinde - I just ordered these gloves. We have a white long and short haired german shepherd. We eat, breathe, and poop dog hair🤪. I have multiple vacuum products and cannot keep up with it. I I started researching “massive shedding” and was overjoyed to find these gloves.
Ryan Bruss - Pet grooming gloves are super handy for regular brushing your dogs and are a game changer for bath time. They can get a ton of fur out preventing it from collecting everywhere in your house. These tend to work best for longer haired dogs.
Mariella Tamayo - I have a husky and I can't live without this because not only does she think I am petting her the entire time it doesn't hurt her either.
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Victoria Grinde - Finally, a dog shampoo that makes our babies smell as fresh as freshly washed human hair! This shampoo leaves our poodles' hair so soft and smelling amazing. We bathe them at least once a week, so we needed a shampoo that was gentle enough on their skin, strong enough to clean all of their poodle...
Mandi Pacer - The in-between visits to the groomer or at home bathing secret to keeping my pouch smelling good!
Mandi Pacer - For being shorthaired, my dog sheds A TON! I cannot use a traditional wire brush on her as it would destroy her skin and it hurts her. This rubber brush acts double as a deshedder and massager on my dog. She always loves to be brushed and it helps to get off the top coat that's always filled with...
Thomas Solowynsky - Still have one of my rubber cones in my mobile salon and use it sometimes since 2017. Love it
Sara Marie - Was pleasantly surprised how well this worked. And my dogs actually stood still and it didn’t bother them. One of them didn’t want me to stop 😂
Thomas Solowynsky - I have some. They are alright
Carol Mullins - The shed ender is great at removing hair from my two furry, fabulous fur babies. They are part Shepherd with thick coats. The only drawback is the comb size; it takes time to comb, but is worth the results. People are constantly asking where I get them groomed as it makes their coat shiny, smooth...
Jeff Mullins - Two big shedding shepherd's makes this a must have brush.
Sara Marie - Y'all! I love bringing my dog for rides but her hair sticks into the fuzzy fabric they use in vehicles. This thing had no trouble at all. Was so amazed had to try inside the house....and it didn't disappoint me in there. I'm still in shock.

I have an Anatolian Shepard dog. She's huge and has a d...
Erin McDonald - I was skeptical if this could pick up my huskies double coat fur everywhere and my terriers scruffy long hair that cakes into carpet... IT WORKS WONDERS!!! I keep one in my car and the other by this rug that I love. Works great on my couch as well.
Thomas Solowynsky - andis products I have purchased since years. I have no problem with them still. thumb up

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