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The best phone cases of 2022

Brooke Piszczor - I just ordered one of these for my 12 Pro Max & it is so slender & not heavy while actually feeling like my phone is protected. I ordered a clear glitter, but there are so many options to choose from online.
Maliik Obee - Best phone case you can get if you don't want a cracked iPhone, which is extremely expensive to replace. The box has preserved my phone from the 5 to the XR. The durable cases don't really scratch up, but I usually replace them after a few months to a year, especially because there are so many co...
Autumn Azar - I love my Otterbox phone case. It has a built in pop top!
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Mandi Pacer - The inventor of popsockets must be rolling in serious mountains of cash. Who knew something so minimal and simple could be so fabulous and functional. As a small business owner who is always on her phone (texting, creating content, emailing, calling vendors etc.) I couldn't imagine not having thi...
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Soledad Gonzalez - Sustainable phone case, great quality.
Piper Casey - Plastic free, compostable! Long lasting.
Iliana Vera - Life proof cases have been my favorite. They’re as indestructible as an Otterbox, and do well underwater (if you like to be by the pool/beach for summer! I took my old one snorkeling, swimming, etc. and it lasted a few years. I think they have a lifetime warranty too!
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Heather Long - I love this case and I'll tell you why...the sides have a grippy material which helps it not slip out of my hands. I also 100% always use a screen protector and it has saved me so many times!
Emily Midgley - Just got a new Humixx smart phone case for my iphone 13. Sturdy, good color choices, and reasonably priced.
Victoria Grinde - This is my new favorite phone case. It isn't bulky. I holds the four cards that I need to have with me. Got one for my work phone so that it could hold my business cards!
Victoria Grinde - So I really dislike big, bulky phone cases. I also don't like having to carry a phone, wallet, purse, all the things. Since I am carrying a diaper bag a purse/wallet is the last thing I want to add to the mix. It took me a while trying to find the right case but I love this one and have been usin...
larissa Cole - I’ve had this case for over a year and it has protected my IPhone 11 through many drops/falls. It is nearly fully covered on the front and back of the case, including a full, clear screen cover. The only permanent openings are for audio and camera. The charger hole and silence toggle both have ru...
Z M - I did a lot of research into the best wallet/phone case combo for my new iPhone 12 Pro Max.
Pros: you can comfortably fit in 3 cards, not too bulky, magnetic detachable case, and feels smooth enough without being leather.
Cons: adds a bit of weight, and doesn't come with a clasp to secure the cas...
Carol Mullins - Strawberry Fields Case Mate, adds a bit of whim while protecting my phone.
Alyssa Lehrer - long lasting, durable, and helps prevent cracking and breaking
Sandra Jacquemin - I wasn't a believer until I got one. It was LIFE changing ... grabbing my keys and things and not having to fumble around with my now 2 year old. When i was breastfeeding - looking at my phone was the one thing that kept me up some nights - but undoubtedly i'd drop my phone .... #NoMoreDrop - get...
Melissa Gallagher - I got the walnut iPhone case for Christmas, and I get so many compliments on the sleek, modern look. Since then I've dropped my phone (not from a crazy distance) without any issue, despite the fact that the case is low-profile and much slimmer than a lot of cases. Beyond all that, my favorite fun...
Liz Stella - I'm a fan of the range of phone cases. Incredibly durable and I drop my phone all the time! They have gorgeous contemporary designs too.
Flora Ku - I am notorious for breaking my phones because I drop them so often. So far this case has been a lifesaver.

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