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The best razors of 2023

Victoria Grinde - This a great razor. Had to get my husband a new one since I stole his lol
Michael Lafears - Affordable 5 blade razors. Pretty good razors that are cheaper than Gillette. They have now expanded their line to aftershave, face wash, and more. If you are on a budget but want quality men's shaving razors then Harry's is a good option.
Timothy Sersig - I started using these razors about two months ago, and I absolutely love them. They are made with high-quality parts and are very affordable. I would highly recommend these razors to anyone who is looking to find a great razor at a reasonable cost.
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Victoria Grinde - Love this razor! I stole my husbands because it works so well!
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Erin McDonald - Great quality, great price, great color options, and amazing shaving!!
Lynne Tanzer - Love the convenience of having these affordable razors delivered to my mailbox.
I really commend their inclusive advertising showing bodies of all shapes and sizes with different needs.
The little magnetic piece they give you to keep your razor on the shower wall is borderline genius and picking ...
Zoe Gregorace - High quality, sharp blade. Perfect for derma planing!
Matthew Atkins - For a bald man, perfect tool to quickly and effectively manage your hair!
Mandi Pacer - Now I see what all the hype is about! While their ads are marketed toward men, I believe they should be geared toward both sexes. The width and curvature of the blade allows for optimal and precise shaving across any peak or valley on the body. The blades seem to be sharper than any other drugsto...
Kelsey Lockard - This safety razor is amazing. I made the switch to a plastic free razor when I learned that the US alone throws out 2 billion razor heads a year! This razor is easy to use and the replacement blades are ~$0.15 a piece and Albatross has a great blade take back program.
Sara Sohnly - This is an awesome stainless steel razor, it holds 3 blades and has a pivoting head so it is just like a disposable one but better for the environment! It is super easy to use and get used to. It should last many many many years and the blades are super cheap to replace and easy to recycle! The w...

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