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The best ring lights of 2022

Elexa Martinez - Great addition for those zoom meeting, Instagram stories, Reels and speedy SM content creating. I like the 3 types of lighting options, the bendable stand that makes getting just the right angle and shot super easy. I have been impressed for the price.
Carol Mullins - I bought this after seeing it on Fresh Chalk. I needed a light and camera for zoom meetings and recordings and this works perfect. Fresh Chalk really is the best place to get product recommendations.
Cindy Hawkins - This is such a great tool and is so convenient!
Victoria Grinde - I just purchased the Ring Light With Stand & Phone Holder to use for work projects and it has been so worth it! I had been holding off getting one of these lights for a long time, mainly because I didn't want to pay and arm/leg for one and there are tons of apps for editing. However, when this po...
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Sara Marie - At the beginning of the pandemic, I got this ring light. But since then, they people have got creative and upped their game! I'm on zoom almost every single day so I can tell you that it really works :)
Dagan Martinez-Vargas - Helped a lot once Covid hit and everybody moved to Zoom.
Elexa Martinez - I have had this light for now over a year. It gives such great lighting and I love the bendable neck to get into any angle for all kinds of content creating being stills or videos and DIY photo sessions with family and friends. The versatility the little clicker gives with its bluetooth connectio...
Karissa Psathas - Some days you have to create content even when the light isn't working with you. My ring light helps me on days when I don't have enough natural light. I love this Neewer light from the simple fact that I've had it since the beginning of my platform (over 4 years ago) and it still works like its ...
Ali White MacBeth - I have to use a light for my calls and Instagram videos. I'm still learning my best lighting but this stand is awesome, it can scale up to be taller than me and also can be small enough to on the counter.
Kelly Buckland - My husband and I both use this one. We attach it to our monitors. Small, but gets the job done for the right price! I like that it has both natural and artificial light settings that can be adjusted up and down.
Cindy Sersig - I often go live on Facebook to do demonstrations. The lighting in my house is not that great, so I purchased this Ring Light. It has three light settings with 10 levels of brightness. Comes with a remote control that syncs with bluetooth on your smart phone. The stand also adjusts up to 5 feet. I...

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