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The best silicone reusable bags of 2022

Elissa Tompkins - I use these in my kids’ lunch to cut down on all the plastic baggies. They’re easy to clean and use
Liz Pearce - Wasting food makes me sad, but using plastic wrap and plastic bags for food storage makes me even sadder. Someone recommended that I try Stashers -- silicone food storage bags that are dishwasher & microwave safe, and totally reusable. I'm using way less plastic ever since. They don't take us muc...
Amy Posner Wolff - Just packed my son's lunch in a blue one:)
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Ryan Bruss, Meredith Fife and 1 other
Victoria Grinde - I love this reusable bags! They are great for the snacks that I send to school with my daughter. It has been nice cutting back on the waste from throwing out zip lock bags. I like how they come in multiple sizes.
Kelsey Lockard - I no longer have zip lock bags in my apartment because I hate using single-use plastic and there are so many better alternatives. I have tried both the Stasher silicone bags and these bags with the sliders, and the slider ones have proven to be significantly better. They are dishwasher safe, easy...
Jacob Hollenbeck - We have been moving away from single-use plastic like ziplock bags. Got these for Christmas and so far they are awesome! Started storing meats in the freezer with them. They are pretty heavy duty and have a nice seal.
Victoria Grinde - I love these reusable bags! We use them for my 6yr to take her snacks to school and for baby snacks that we pack into our diaper bags.
Nadia L'Bahy - Love that they're dishwasher safe!
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Lindsey S - The kids are back in school and these are the perfect replacement bags for sandwiches, snacks, cookies, etc. Stasher is a mission lead, women founded brand and with each sale a portion goes to nonprofits that are dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating our oceans.
Piper Casey - Replace you disposable single use plastic baggies with these!
Elissa Tompkins - When we first began road tripping, I used regular Ziplock bags. It felt like such a waste to use them 1-2 times and then toss them, and they were difficult for my kids to get their hands all the way in. When I found Zip Top Reusable Silicon bags and fell in love. They are sturdy and easy for kids...
Preeti Suri - Don’t forget to be environmentally friendly when packing your food, ingredients, and snacks since if we don’t take care of the earth, we will not have these beautiful places to recreate in. We use the reusable silicone food storage bags from Ziptop instead of Ziplock pouches for snacks, cereal, f...
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