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The best smart speakers of 2022

Victoria Grinde - We have an Echo Dot in pretty much every room! My kids love to ask all sorts of questions to it and play music! I use them to be able to update To-Do and Shopping Lists from wherever in the house.
Mandi Pacer - I love that you can sync these up to an Alexa speaker and have them placed throughout your house rather than having to pipe in a speaker sound system.
Carly Canter - I have Amazon Smart Plugs that work along side my Echo. It is great for playing music, asking random facts, or smart controlling your home/office! Nothing like saying 'Echo, Lights On!"
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Jade Hodo, Mariella Tamayo and 1 other
Z M - We use this to listen to news updates since it pairs with Google Assistant. Its portability as a general speaker has proved handy while working from home.
Amanda Carretta - I use this Bose speaker almost all day! It is lightweight and connects to my spotify and Sirius XM so I can easily play music wherever I am in the house. The sound quality is outstanding and even works well outside. Highly recommend!
Yan Kaufman - I'm biased but I would go Bose all the way. The cool thing I love about the Bose Portable Smart Speaker is that you can pair few of them together and get a surround sound anywhere you want. We have few around the house and take them outside when we have a BBQ.
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Victoria Grinde - We use our Amazon Alexa for an alarm. It works great and you can choose the alarm sound.
Patricia Burnett - This amazon product really helps me have my life organized with the set reminders! It is also a handy speaker with amazing quality! Amazon sometimes has deals that you can get for .99 cents! Keep on the lookout for those deals!
Mariella Tamayo - Loved these so much that I bought two! I can use it as a surround sound for the entire house or use it to play different songs. Great sound quality and even better when you have an apple phone and an apple TV so everything connects!
Molly Pearcy - The Easter Bunny slipped these speakers into my kids Easter baskets. They are the perfect for my kids love of music and audio books. The speakers connect with Bluetooth to their smartphones but the phones do not have to be in their rooms. Perfect for using the phones for music and audio books wit...
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Find the best products & professionals
with a little help from your friends.

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