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The best smart watches of 2022

Victoria Grinde - I love my new apple watch!!!! Love being able to go runs/walks and not have to worry about bringing my phone!!!
Lindsey S - I am a big fan of my Apple Watch Series 6 . I use it for my outdoor runs/hikes. I use it for hands free calls. I use it for fitness tracking. It's been great!
Sara Latronica - Love my Apple Watch- it's reassuring to never miss a call/ text. As well as using it as a fitness tracker to make sure I am not being too lazy!
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Carly Canter - I gifted my family the gift of technology for Christmas this year. For someone who ALWAYS carries their phone, this is a great solution. You can leave it at home on accident and still be able to use your watch to call, text or walkie talkie people! Great gift for all your techies!
Paula Claure - I wasn't ready to get the latest edition of the apple watches, but this one so far has been great. It has all the things I need. I was a huge fan of the polar brand but having one that would track my activity and syncs perfectly with my phone is great.
Liz Stella - There are clearly other options on the market but it's my first Apple Watch and I'm very happy with it! I spend a lot of time working on social media so it's nice to have a less annoying way to receive notifications without distracting me from offline activities. And I love the reminders to stand...
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Lolo T, Romer Garcia and 1 other
Laura Wilkinson - This is my 2nd Apple watch and each series gets better and better. If you are looking to start out and save some cash, don't buy the latest version and when you are ready to upgrade, then gift this one to someone else. Win Win.
Mariella Tamayo - Low cost, easy to use, but also the ability to call people on it without having your phone on you is great! You can even track a lot of your fitness goals on it and compete with friends!
Amber Neuhold - I love my apple watch it keeps a charge for about 2 days and it has a water proofing button. I even washed it and it still works.
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Elissa Tompkins - My husband has this watch and it is so helpful when he is in the wilderness and needs GPS tracking. It looks sleek and has more functions than we even know how to work!
Andre Palacios - Great Sports watch
Tom Laramee - I'm definitely not a "wearables" person, but I love the Garmin and now use it for running, biking, trail running, and hiking. It has a nice app that allows you to see, in effect, how well you did during your exercise. That might mean seeing heart rate zones, or elevation gain, or miles run... it ...
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Sara Marie - I upgraded from the Charge and oh-so-glad I made the switch. I love the bigger face and more options for homescreens.
Cindy Sersig - I've had my Fitbit Versa for a couple of years now and I love it. I get my text and phone call notifications on my watch. It seems to be pretty accurate with my step count and heart rate. It has many features that I use on a daily basis. I know there are new Versa's out now. When I'm ready to upg...
Emily Law - Love this!! It's so cute!
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Carly Canter - I was loyal to another brand of fitness trackers since they first came out, UNTIL I discovered the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active! It can track everything! From your sleep patterns to how many hours you've been active. I use a waist band to carry my phone when I workout, be at the gym or outside. I ...
Adisyn Smith - I love all the features and how seamlessly it pairs with my Samsung phone
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Molly Pearcy - I never thought I would want a smart watch but after wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch I'm sold. I am not a technology person but the Galaxy is extremely easy to figure out and use. I particular love it for my workouts.
Michael Lafears - I have a Galaxy watch and I'm not sure how I went without. Everything at your wrist from checking text, taking calls, or even paying at the register. I also keep up with my steps and heart rate. Great accessory to have.
Clau C - This watch is awesome. No matter your training level or sport this will track everything. I love that It has a very accurate heart rate sensor and GPS, and the battery lasts longer, almost 5 days for me.
Andre Palacios - Great all around sport watch.
Elissa Tompkins - This is great, especially when you’re a mom who walk more than 10,000 steps a day trying to keep up with the kids. I get a kick out of watching the metrics change.
Cindy Sersig - We bought this watch for my son when he was in 3rd grade. My husband was deployed for a year and I was working part time, so I was able to send him messages to let him know if I was running late. It gave him and I both peace of mind that we were still connected. I love the GPS feature to show me ...
Meena Caputo - This watch is such a great upgrade from the Garmin 235! I usually inherit them from my mom, a marathon runner, and even after being used for years, they are in perfect condition. This model has a feature called, Body Battery, similar to the functions of a Whoop or Oura ring. With all of the walki...
Shelby Dilley - My Apple Watch has been a huge factor in my weight loss journey. My Apple Watch allows me to keep track of my workouts, calories burned, and helped me keep track of my steps.
Jessica Graham - If you're into data, a GPS watch is great to track your runs and monitor your progress. Coros watches have an amazing battery life, and a navigation setting that allows you to download a GPS track and then use your watch to follow the route. You can also program workouts, sync with smartphone not...
Emily Midgley - We love this kids activity tracker! Tracks steps, sleep, daily activities and task data when it automatically syncs to your smartphone.

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