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The best sound machines of 2021

Victoria Grinde - We have two of these, one for each kids' room! I love that they can change colors and that it has different sounds to choose from. It is nice that you can make changes and volume adjustments from the app on your phone.
Elissa Tompkins - My 4 year old uses this as his night light and his “ok to wake” clock. I love that I can control it from my phone and he loves helping to pick the color every night.
Wendy Quast - As someone who works with infants and as an adult who needs white noise to sleep, I can't recommend the Hatch sound machine enough. I ALWAYS recommend white noise to my clients for the baby's room and this is why I recommend the Hatch machine. It can be programmed and adjusted through your phone ...
Elissa Tompkins - My favorite is the marpac dohm sound machine which is an internal fan that doesn’t blow any air but sounds like a real fan.
Adisyn Smith - I've used the same sleep mate sound machine to go to sleep since I was a kid and once mine finally broke I was worried id never find one that works as well. I tried a couple of others but ended up returning them all But this one sounds great and helps me sleep better.
Elissa Tompkins - This is my other favorite noise machine. It sounds really natural and has so many different settings.
Christy Hussain - I have three of them and a travel one. They truly do mask noise and everyone sleeps better with them.
Liz Stella - We had some trouble with sleep training and this saved us! A bit more expensive than the Hatch Rest original but we needed a dim clock in baby's bedroom too which helps with schedules! Our daughter is now triggered into sleeping on cue thanks to our pre-programmed scheduling. So much easier than ...
Elissa Tompkins - I have used this sound machine for my kids since they were newborns and I loved it so much that I purchased one for myself and my MIL. I love the natural fan noise without the blowing of actual air!
Dakota Stern - This is a great investment if you have chronic insomnia, like me. It offers 10 nature sounds, 7 animal sounds, and 8 sleep sounds to mimic the natural environment to calm your anxieties, helping you get a full night of rest.
Carl Haynes - When my daughter (~11 years old at the time) was having trouble sleeping, we bought the AVANTEK noise machine for her and we were happy with the results (She mainly used the rain noise), though now she just sleeps with a box fan running to drown out the noise.

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