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The best steamers of 2022

Patricia Burnett - Truly a lifesaver!
Evan Barbosa - Your felt hat got shape damaged? We got you covered! Directions: Steam the area of your hat that needs to be reshaped. Make sure you can feel the material softening. Use your hands to push out the dents or straighten the brim. Let the hat cool. Fixing your hat's crushed sections is the most strai...
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Carol Mullins - Nice for dresses or things that can't be pressed but you need the wrinkles out. Hanging steamer works wonders
Jeff Mullins - Able to hang and steam,
Victoria Kast - I recommend the homedics steamer. We have one and use it on all or work and formal clothing.
Kristina Truitt - We have the compact hand held steamer from Homedics that is great for traveling and so much easier than an iron! We got ours at Costco but I’m sure you can find them at Walmart or target. They are pretty inexpensive too.
Susan Stocker - I love my hand steamer! You can get it same day delivered on Amazon, too.
It's so quick and does a beautiful job. I use it on other things, too, like new shower curtains, etc.
Clau C - This portable steamer comes in handy when I need a quick touch up, or need to get rid of wrinkles on difficult things like curtains. I also use it on my coach to sanitize and refresh.
Anja Castillo - Steam actually gets boiling hot! only puts out a little bit of moisture at a time, so you can use on laminate, carpet, EVERYTHING! I love it and it is super water-efficient so now I can deep clean with just water and only a little at that! Recommend to anyone wanting a deep clean. Comes with 19 a...
Carol Mullins - This is great because you can iron with it still on the hanger. Also a steamer and a 360-Degree Hanger in Black
Annette Bardot - This little tool at $15 really packs a punch for those quick jobs….easy pickup. At Target

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Find the best products & professionals
with a little help from your friends.

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