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The best sunglasses of 2022

Victoria Grinde - These are perfect! Light weight, comfortable, they don't slide and my eyes were protected from the big wind gusts and off and on sunlight on an overcast day. They maybe fogged up a hair, but other than that no complaints. I'm super happy with these and will recommend them! I think they are reason...
Carol Mullins - These have rubber, no-slip pads on the nose and arms, and polarized. If you hike, bike, gardening, or any outdoor activities these are comfortable and come in so many fun colors.
Amy Posner Wolff - I love these lightweight sunglasses. I have the bright blue Ogs and wear them for all my summer activities.
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Zoe Gregorace - HUGE fan of QUAY- super sleek styles and affordable for good quality sunglasses!
Mariella Tamayo - I absolutely love Quay sunglasses. It fits my face as well as doesn't fall off my nose. Definitely recommend for anyone!
Brooklyn Benjestorf - This has been my favorite sunglasses brand for years! I just ordered two new pairs yesterday because I unfortunately didn't take very good care of my last pair and the lenses are now scratched. If I had kept them in their case for traveling, they would still be in immaculate shape years later! At...
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Katie Taylor, Beth Brown and 1 other
Susie Cohen - The future is looking bright. Sunglasses are a must. Before you start your sunglass search, see what looks best on your face. Sunglasses are such a key accessory and in my opinion you can never have too many. Have fun collecting all your favorite styles. A good place to start is with a great pair...
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Michael Lafears - If you enjoy fashionable sunglasses that is actually good for your eyes with UV protection then these are a great option
Kaitlyn Steveson - I love my sunglasses from Shady Rays and I love that they have a Lifetime Warranty for when your sunglasses break or get scratched that is really easy to redeem.
Lindsey S - I am a huge fan of Maui Jim's! I love my aviators from them. Great quality and polarized and always such a great selection.
John Magliery - I'm always wearing my sunglasses and my ear buds. Not anymore. These bluetooth sunglasses have the speakers and microphone built in. You can listen to music or take a call while you're on your commute or walking to dog. Your ears are not obstructed so you can still hear a car or person near you. ...
Zoe Gregorace - Love these glasses from Amazon- super affordable & cute!
Michael Lafears - This product is sun glasses and ear phones all in ONE. You can look cool in the sun while also listening to your favorite songs by just wearing the classes. Noone will ever know you are viking to your favorite hits while wearing your sun glasses.
Yan Kaufman - Sunglasses+Speakers that only you can hear = magic (in my opinion)
Liz Stella - I am pretty hard-wearing on my sunglasses and have gone through high-end and lower-end brands. Le Specs has me converted. They're a good median price, very cool designs and can withstand multiple drops plus frequent grab and shakes by my toddler without getting ruined!
Michael Stubbs - After 10+ years wearing the Smith District II sunglasses, I finally bought a new pair of shades. I loved my old ones, so this decision did not come lightly.

The Longfin Elite sunglasses are excellent. They offer broad coverage from top to bottom and side to side. The "fin" from their name refers...
Jordan Cook - In love with my 'Rosie Boys'. First pair of sunglasses I've been able to care for and hold onto in a very long time. These don't cone into the ocean - don't ask me how many pairs I already have under the sea.
Patricia Burnett - These French glasses are new and hip! Anyone from the ages 0 - 99 can wear this stylish eyewear! They can be with a prescription or just sunglasses for some fun in the sun! The quality is durable! On their website, they ship worldwide!
Catherine Hazen - Since having littles, these have been my go-to's and I love them! My girls always want my sunglasses and these are inexpensive, yet stylish shades that I can have multiple pairs of and can let my girls play with and not worry! They come in kids sizes too so you can match with your littles! The po...
Susan Smith - I bought a pair of Peepers on vacation and they are great. Light, polarized, and really block the sun. Cute styles and very reasonably priced!!
David Grinde - These are the best sunglass. No matter how many time is drop them or how they are dropped, they don't break or scratch. They may seem a bit pricey but worth it. I make sure I don't set them don't when I am out.
Susan Smith - Great sunglasses for amazing prices. I got a pair for my husband and they are well made and look great
Josh Bean - I am very particular about my sunglass choices and so I don't make this recommendation lightly. ROKA makes seriously awesome cycling glasses (and other types of sunglasses). Their frame material is durable and flexible. The glasses are extremely comfortable, and their lens replacement technology ...

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