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The best tablets of 2022

Mandi Pacer - I purchased one of these for my small business and love to utilize it for shop transactions and administrative needs!
Elissa Tompkins - One of the most essential items on our guide to success is an Apple Ipad Mini. Our boys rarely get tablet time, so when we are making our 13-hour road trip to Illinois from Colorado, the Ipad is a necessity to keep them mostly occupied and allow for the time to go by quicker. I prefer the Ipad mi...
Carly Canter - Perfect sized tablet for all your needs! From streaming your favorite services to reading your digital books, this tablet does it all! Affordable, will not break the bank and compactable to fit in any backpack or purse!
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Carly Canter - I recently upgraded my iPad Mini to a iPad 7th Gen. and I couldn't be happier! Many of the specs and capabilities as the Pro, but for much less out of pocket! I love to doodle with my apple pencil when it's pouring rain(which is like ever day...right?).
Morgan Keith - I use this for school and I love it because I can connect it to my phone
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Maria Ronquillo-Galicia - I'm thinking of buying one so I can create art pieces more easily and faster too, than trying to draw on my phone.
Rita Homan - Great for graphic designers
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Victoria Grinde - We bought two of these for us to use when we are out and about. We like it better than the iPad I feel like.
Carly Canter - One of the best devices for streaming your favorite services or movies, as long as you are a prime member!
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Paula Claure - This tablet has been a lifesaver for me. We are trying to be a tech-savvy family and include our son in all the smart devices we have. This one is one of the only devices that I would let my child play, without constant supervision. I did have to check the settings, and personalize a few games, d...
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Romer Garcia - What can I say? This is what the PROS use!
Andre Palacios - M1 chip makes a great difference!!!
Cindy Sersig - I try to be as economical and environmentally conscious as possible. A lot of paper can be wasted through homeschooling so when it comes to needing scratch paper for math problems, we use the Boogie Board eWriter. It's a great way to work those math problems, take notes, and doodle. The writing w...

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