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The best toothbrushes of 2022

Emily Midgley - Love Sonicare electric toothbrushes! Very happy with the battery life and ease of getting replacement heads.
Carly Canter - Dentist recommended, one of the best electric toothbrushes around.
Ryan Bruss - I've had mine for 8 years and it's still going strong. I recommend the generic heads because they are a lot cheaper and work just as well.
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Gina Tran, Nathan Kelly and 1 other
Clau C - I switch to this electric toothbrush because my dentist recommended it. I have been using it for more than a year and my gums are thankful. I like that a red light turns on when you're brushing too hard and that it rotates, versus going side to side which I don't like.
Karline Nogales - My favorite electric toothbrush. I have small teeth, and the round shape of the toothbrush's head works perfectly. The only downside is the battery which doesn't last long as other brands.
Greg Joyce - Great brush while not spending a lot of money. It's excellent cleaning my teeth and gums. When I get done brushing, it just feels clean.
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Victoria Grinde - I can't remember a time when we haven't used a sonicare. I love how it makes my teeth feel! I also love that if you have any issues with the toothbrush, Philips will replace it. I love this brush!
Molly Pearcy - I have used the Phillips Sonicare Protective Clean toothbrush for years. I love how clean my teeth feel every time I use it. I have been so impressed with it I ended up purchasing this same toothbrush for both of my kids. The battery easily stays charged for over a week. It is easy to keep clean ...
Michael Lafears - I appreciate my electric toothbrush. It helps with my dental check ups. The 2 minute timer helps keep you accountable to brushing fir the recommended 2 mins
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Zoe Gregorace - Love this toothbrush- been using it for years and my teeth feel so clean after using it!
Mariella Tamayo - Great toothbrush and I can definitely feel the difference after brushing my teeth!
Stacy Gregorace - Oral B Smart 3000 Electric Toothbrush is THE best one!
Cindy Hawkins - I really like these mini-brushes to carry in my purse so I can brush after meals when away from home. Then, just toss them away.
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Emily Midgley - Great electric toothbrush for kids! It has a 2 minute timer which is really helpful.
Shannon Garbaccio - We use the Phillips Sonicare for kids. They have a 2 minute timer and they work great
Natasha Willis - Just got this and the water flosser and I love them both
Meena Caputo - This brush has an awesome app that's super fun!
Anja Castillo - Just for the battery endurance on the toothbrush alone this is a great buy! Lost my charger for 3 week when we moved, but it had power the whole time. My old Oral B would die after about 4 days of no charging! I've had this toothbrush almost a year or so now, and I have no complaints on it. The w...
Natalia Planz -

This toothbrush is AMAZING and a must have!! Comes with extra brushes to use. I've had mine for 3 years now and dentist visits are in and out since this brush deep cleans through vibrations.
Clau C - This toothbrush lights up for one minute, which is great for kids to get into the habit of brushing for at least that amount of time. Also has a suction cup that makes it easy to keep it in place.
Liz Stella - We've been a fan of the Frida range from the beginning and are ecstatic at the choices for newborn to toddler. Our daughter looks forward to brushing her teeth using these and the bottom has a suction pad which makes it easy to put down and pick up. Helps to clean the whole tooth with the angled ...
Deanna Anderson - This brush is great for my daughter. She only has 3 teeth but I like how the design of the bristles helps get the front and the back, and it’s gentle on her gums too
Meena Caputo - This one has a feature where the bristles change colors when they are used, so you know when to change your brush.
Meena Caputo - This toothbrush is awesome!
Cindy Hawkins - I love my Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush! I can interchange toothbrush heads, which is convenient. The floss head is my favorite; it gets my teeth sparkling clean and also has a 2 minute reminder. I received this as free gift from my dentist!
Sandra J - We have used this one with my son and tried so many others, from Target brands to Colgate - this is the ONLY one that the bristles didn't fall apart which is a choking hazard. And he loves the toothpaste taste =)
Meena Caputo - This has the slimmest and softest bristles, which is amazing because it basically does the flossing job in your gums while you brush, so your teeth feel extra clean!
Ordavia Washington - I love this toothbrush not expensive at all. I got it for the color which was coral.
Timothy Sersig - A very affordable battery operated toothbrush. No problems when I visited the dentist.
Brooke Piszczor - These are the cutest child toothbrushes I've seen that you don't need a device to use! It comes with the battery operated toothbrush, two brush heads, a character brush cover, a cup to rinse, a two minute sand timer, all with a convenient holder for every item. They come in an assortment of chara...
Elissa Tompkins - This toothbrush is great! It has a timer with a pause every 30 seconds so they know when to switch areas of their mouth and the battery lasts forever! It comes with 4 replacement heads too and a charger.
Meena Caputo - This one has an incredible battery life.

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