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The best tripods of 2022

Mariella Tamayo - Use this when I record my workouts and its super flexible and can be placed almost anywhere
Patricia Burnett - perfect for vlogging! i love it!
Tom Laramee - I've used many tripods and this is easily the best one. It's grip is tenacious, so it's strong enough to mount sideways, putting the camera in portrait mode. It's also well-built, so it's lasted a very long time without getting progressively looser over time.
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Elexa Martinez - I have been using this tripod for over a year! it is great, compact and easy to travel with. It is versatile and the blue tooth clicker has a nice range of distance.
Esther Kast - My "Pro" photographer husband says that this is one of the better ones we have gotten off the internet. We wanted something for pottery pictures and this does the job!
Victoria Grinde - This Tripod/Selfie Stick/Phone holder Rocks! Two motivations for me: 1) I decided it would be fun to learn how to take a great headshot for my professional profile and 2) My iPhone 11 is awkward and risky to hold while taking photos or videos - even in a case and I don't want to see my $700 skitt...
Kristy Morrison - LOVE this tripod. I used to haul my 'big kid' camera around with me everywhere but then my iPhone camera caught up in terms of quality so now I just haul the tripod around. Inexpensive and easy to carry around.
Liz Pearce - This $14 item has been a game-changer since the pandemic hit and we now do all of our interacting via the screen. This tripod stays by my side almost throughout the day. At my desk, it's my 3rd screen -- supplementing my laptop and exterior monitor. While I'm in the kitchen, I can safely prop my ...
Morgan Keith - I like this one because it can wrap around just about anything
Cindy Hawkins - I like this tripod/selfie stick because it's lightweight, convenient and has a remote to take pictures from whatever distance you choose.
Sandra Jacquemin - I bought this and I never looked back. The wireless remote hooks up via bluetooth to your phone. The tripod has so many heights and positions (and super easy to set up!) You can catch any angle. Once we had our first son, I knew we needed a way to take photos of ourselves when nobody was around, ...
Karissa Psathas - When you're a content creator, *you* are your business. What's a better way to bring your brand to life than being in front of the camera? A tripod honestly makes your life 10 times easier. I love this tripod because it has so many different height settings. I can pop it on my counter and film a ...
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Find the best products & professionals
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