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The best water bottles of 2022

Zoe Gregorace - I'm a huge fan of Hydroflasks. It might not be as big as you're looking for, but these are my favorite water bottles!
Amy Posner Wolff - This well loved Hydro Flask has traveled, climbed mountains and over all been by my side for over five years. It has never failed me.
Carly Canter - Have you ever thought about how many plastic water bottles you use in a month? How about a year? That's a scary thought, right? Invest in a Hydro Flask! They are insulated, reusable water bottles, coffee mugs...both hot and iced, and more. They come in many different sizes and styles for all your...
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Lindsey S, Liz Stella and 1 other
Heather Long - This says it all!
Ali White MacBeth - I committed myself to drinking more water this summer and every time I drank from my other bottles I noticed my water just tasted stale. I finally broke down and purchased the Yeti and I love it. I truly love it, like I need it now. I drink 3 full bottles a day because I usually jog in the early ...
Kristy Morrison - I can't get past my Yeti water bottles and cups. I use the coffee ones and my coffee stays hot literally all day. The Yeti can holders keep our cans cold for daaaaaays. Expensive but...because they work it means I use them and I can empty out a lot of our cheaper not as good ones from the closet.
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Katie Taylor, Amie Kinser and 1 other
Molly Pearcy - My kids have used these. Even after daily use for over a year they have held up great! They are leak proof and insulated to keep your drink either warm or cold. They come in lots of fun colors and several different sizes. I love them!
Heather Long - Received one of these as a gift from a friend and I'm thoroughly in love! Stays cold for a super long time, beautiful color, and perfect size!
J V - Love these, they keep drinks cold for hours!
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Victoria Grinde - These are my go-to for my kids. My 2yr old loves to pop the top open lol. Durable and leak proof!
Cindy Sersig - I bought my son a tall Contigo insulated water bottle a couple of years ago and its still great at keeping his water cold.
Lindsey S - My kids use Contigo, which have always kept up really nice and so many styles and sizes to choose from.
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Victoria Grinde - I am a nalgene fanatic! I probably own more nalgenes than shoes lol. My kids even have their own nalgenes! I also love how these water bottles fit in my cup holder in my car!! I always have a nalgene with me!!!
Mandi Pacer - I am on my feet 8 - 10 hours a day and have to remind myself to stay hydrated. I've loved Nalgenes and used them since high school. They are durable and easy to clean. Bonus Points- they're the perfect "blank canvas" for all of your cool, artsy stickers.
Kali Thompson - great for when you're not much of a water drinker, but need to drink water so its good for keeping a goal of what you need to get to throughout the day!
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Victoria Grinde - Everyone in my house has one of these water bottles! We love that we can take this out and about and know that we can have access to "clean" water even if we have to get it from a questionable source :)
Elissa Tompkins - This water bottle is great when you are on the go and don’t have access to anything except sink water. I also love how cold it keeps the water!
morgan tucker - every single person in my house has a brita water bottle! we all love it and carry it everywhere we go.
recommended by
Emily Midgley - Purchased thanks to a Fresh Chalk recommendation! Love the size and the spout on this fabulous water bottle! The inspirational saying at each level are awesome and it comes in a bunch of cool ombre colors.
Amanda Carretta - This water bottle is amazing! It has time markers on the bottle to motivate drinking more water. It also has a removable strainer to hold ice in. It definitely has upped my water intake! I ordered it off of Amazon. Highly recommend!
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Mandi Pacer - Having a water bottle sit out in room temperature or hotter for 8+ hours in a day while you are working and being able to count on the water being cold with every sip is a dream come true!
Carol Mullins - Can't beat the "Klean Canteens." these stay warm and cold all day. Actually, they stay cold for days. I like the lid/loop that makes it easy to carry and or tie to the side of a pack. It's BPA-free, seal-proof with a lifetime guarantee, and love the color shown here:
Elissa Tompkins - I haven’t loved any of my water bottles like I love my Owala. It has a very simple built in straw but also a larger opening in case you need a bigger drink. It also keeps my water cold for a long time!
Adisyn Smith - One of my favorite water bottles! I have the blue one I love the little straw!
Z M - S'well bottles come in different sizes and keep liquids hot or cold for hours. They don’t sweat and they’re eco-friendly (no BPA/BPS).
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Kei Castillo - Really convenient and able to be used entirely with 1 hand. Durable and has held up 6 months so far with rough use, despite being glass and silicone. Easy to clean.
Maria Ronquillo-Galicia - Great to have while you're on the go!
Victoria Grinde - I bought a big gallon one off amazon and I love it!! It has helped me up my water intake drastically!
Mariella Tamayo - Keeps me motivated to finish my water and to see where i should be by a certain time to keep me on track with my water!
Julie Joyce - My kids had CamelBak bottles when they were younger, and they held up really well on many outings. There were several cute patterns as well. If I remember correctly, there was a straw that flipped up for drinking.
Josh Bean - Hydration and nutrition while cycling are incredibly important. Aesthetically these CamelBak water bottles are sleek looking and come in a variety of colors to match your bike/kit. Functionally they are incredibly easy to use with a powerful stream that comes out of the nozzle with a small squeez...
Annie Cheng - We love Grayl's filtered water bottles at The Table Less Traveled! Whenever we travel, we take these bottles along to ensure we always have fresh, clean water available.
Marty McConnell - These amazing water bottles purify any water in about 30 seconds -- fantastic for travel, hiking, etc.
Victoria Grinde - So I will have to say that I am usually a Nalgene girl but I was gifted this water bottle and I will have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by it. Even though it is pretty big, it's not annoying to carry around or life to drink. I really like it.
Kennedy Kirkland - I have the habit of going hiking with my fiance, and these bottles are a life-saver! The water remains fresh hours after you left your house!
Chanette Campbell - My daughter is really into having a water bottle collection now lol ( not sure why) I bought this for her and its only one she'll use anywhere and everywhere we go :)
Cloves Campbell - Kids need these too
Karlie Williamson - helps me drink sooo much more water!!
Alyssa Sutton - Have so many flavors to choose from and you choose how strong they are which is great on days you don't want a lot or flavor or maybe you do!
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Sandra Jacquemin - I got the 17 oz one (pink) from Target, it is a strong competitor for the Simple Modern (though that one is a tumbler) this makes it great for tossing in a bag, hooking onto something and/or travel! Def recommend, i left it in my car in the Miami heat for hours to test it - WORKED! Stayed ice col...
Elexa Martinez - I love my Bubba cups. These are my go to water and ice cups when hitting the park, running errands in the heat of Texas. I can leave in my 100 degree car and come back and still have nice cold ice water. Super affordable and they really do keep things cold for a very very long time.
morgan tucker - If you're like me and hate room temp water, this is a life saver. I can leave the bottle in my car on hot days for hours, and it'll still be cold when I come back.

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