10 Best Tacoma Bakeries

  • 602 Fawcett Ave, Tacoma
    Carly Canter - They offer gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options and their coffee is delicious!
    Meredith Fife - Great place for specialty cakes! I ordered a birthday cake for my son and not only was it adorable, it was delicious. I like that they don't use an excessive amount of frosting like other bakeries. They also have other pastries and desserts for purchase. I need to go back and sample one of everything.
    Christina Nelson - Corina Bakery is the best spot in Tacoma to stop for a slice of rhubarb pie and a latte. Gluten-free and vegan options too!
    recommended by Stephanie Pederson
  • 2811 6th Ave, Tacoma
    Carly Canter - Go early if you can! They are open until they sell out! They're cinnamon Rolls on (Sundays only) are the best!
    Christina Nelson - After seeing several FC reviews for this cute little cake shop, I knew I needed to make a special trip. The verdict? They're amazing! I tried a slice of the Cinnamon Brown Sugar Brûlée and the Chocolate Chocolate and they were to die for. Just make sure you stop by early... they sell out fast!
    Elisa Lee - I don't think I have ever been more excited about a bakery! Each day, they update their cake flavor selections. I tried their Lemon, Strawberry Birthday, Chocolate Potato Chip Caramel, and Cinnamon Rolls (yes, all in one sitting). I loved every single one and will be going until I have tried every flavor!
  • 6919 6th Ave, Tacoma
    Anna Maria Choi - This is an amazing old school donut shoppe. Honestly, I think it's worth the drive from Seattle. I love their krullers and scones. They work on a first-come first serve basis, so hurry up! Scones usually run out by 10AM or earlier. Personally, I think they are better than the fair scones that everyone raves about.
  • 925 Market St, Tacoma
    Carly Canter - OH MY GOSH!! Highly recommend visiting the next time you're in the area. These images are a lemon meringue tart and a red velvet macaron!
    Christina Nelson - Tacoma has always been short on french pastries, so I was thrilled when Unique announced it was opening! Located on Market Street, Unique Bakery is serving up the best almond croissants, waffles, fruit tarts, and macarons I've found south of Seattle. Big thumbs up for the coffee, too! Just make sure you grab a little something extra to hold you over on the car ride home--you won't want to wait.
  • 314 E 26th St, Tacoma
    Shannon Swift - Celebrity Cake Studio is amazing. Well worth the drive!
  • 1740 Pacific Ave, Tacoma
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  • 1317 S 11th St, Tacoma
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  • 10014 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma
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  • 11216 Golden Given Rd E, Tacoma
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  • 3514 Pacific Ave, Tacoma
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