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over 2 years ago
Several years ago we converted a wood-burning fireplace to gas. The choices seemed confusing and overwhelming - insert v. gas logs, vented v. unvented, etc. - and we went to a number of local service providers. Not a single one was willing to spend any time helping us figure out what was best for our situation. Then we went to Bellevue Fireplace Shop, and the owner took us under her wing and walked us through it in a way that was so easy to understand. She helped us select a gas log set and custom doors. She connected us with the gas plumber (who also did our permit wrangling). The installation tech did a terrific job. We went from "let's just forget this whole stupid project" to being enchanted with our new fireplace - all thanks to Bellevue Fireplace Shop!
over 4 years ago
Great selection, but perhaps more importantly, great service in coming out to do a pre-selection inspection to figure out what is possible, and then great installation.