Dr. Margaret Towolawi
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over 2 years ago
Dr. Towolawi is the best! I first went to her when I was just opening up a cleaning business and my hands started failing me -- which could have meant the end of my business -- but she got me back in good working order quickly and I am forever grateful for that. She's also incredibly warm, fun to be around, funny (hilarious, actually), caring, smart, an amazing diagnostician, and just a good human. She also just opened up her own practice!! nurturewellcenter.com
almost 3 years ago
In the PNW, it’s tough to find black healthcare providers. This is extremely important because of health disparities facing the black communities have fueled a high level of distrust between patients and providers. As a black person, having a provider who listens and understands you is critical. Dr. Towolawi gets it! She’s board-certified and well versed in several clinical interests. Recently she launched a private dermatology practice that has a focus on how to treat various skin conditions for people of color.