The best pots & pans of 2023

Carly Canter - Sustainable material and will last 10x longer than any non-stick skillet!
Melissa Gallagher - For most of our day to day, we use Lodge Cast Iron (we have a 5" & 12" skillets). Reasonably priced, and you'll have it FOREVER! You can use them stovetop, throw them in the oven, or even use directly on a campfire grill.
Ryan Bruss - Everyone needs one of these in their kitchen.
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Liz Pearce - This might be my favorite item in my whole kitchen. I use it so often (many times for 3 meals a day) that it simply goes from my stovetop to my sink and back again. Heats quickly and evenly, nothing sticks but food browns nicely, and the silicone handle is super practical.
Steve Dossick - Holy crap, you want a non-stick pan that you can really use and that won't lose its non-stickiness instantly? Tramontina is probably the brand your professional chef friends are using at home or at work. The handles even have silicone handle covers that can go in the oven to 400F. They've even go...
Adam MacBeth - The best non-stick choice is the Tramontina Professional. It’s relatively inexpensive ($30 for a 12 inch) which is good since a nonstick pan needs to be replaced every few years. It’s not worth spending more money.
Elissa Tompkins - Super affordable and so easy to clean after cooking!
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Allison H - Super high quality - made to be passed down to your kids.
Alison Finkel - If I could only have one pot or pan, I'd keep this one.
Liz Pearce - This pan doesn't stick! Easy to clean, nice conductive heat surface, and has a basket for steaming (which I admittedly never use).
Lindsay Pedersen - This pan is and does everything. It cooks evenly and beautifully, and it's so versatile that I tossed out my saute pan, sauce pan and skillet and use this instead. It also has a super-handy spoon rest on the actual pan, which makes you wonder why all pans do not come with this. Also, it is lovely...
Lois S - My plug for the Always pan...Made potstickers in my old Green Pan and the Green Pan was a disaster as always! I was ready to go back to a non-stick pan but they slid right off the Always Pan!!!Just wish they made a bigger one so I could cook more at once!!
Carly Canter - Heavy, but one of the best options for cooking! They are long lasting and will outlast your typical stockpots. We use ours to make soups and our famous Mac N Cheese! Great investment!
Patrick O'Donnell - I bought my first All Clad pans over 20 years ago, and over the years, I've added a few more to my original collection. They always feel so solid and easy to work with. The only issue I had, was a few years ago when we accidentally left a sauce pan on the heat for a few hours. The water boiled of...
Cindy Sersig - My husband bought me a Calphalon set about 10 years ago. They've lasted this long but now the wear and tear is starting to annoy me, not as nonstick anymore, so I'm going to replacing my cookware soon too. I will be staying with the Calphalon brand.
Danielle DeSiato Kuhn - Some of the best ice cream recipes begin with a cooked custard base, and it’s important to have a pot with a thick enough bottom so that the mixture doesn’t heat up too quickly and overcook. The slightly out-turned lip of this Calphalon sauce pan makes pouring the custard base a no-mess affair.
Megan Popa - I had been looking for a high-quality, affordable set of non-stick pans that were more eco-friendly than the ones I had been using. These have been great so far! I'm really enjoying them.
Dagan Martinez-Vargas - One pot lid to use on multiple pots and pans. Where was this all my life. A Stainless Steel Universal Lid for Pots, Pans and Skillets - Fits 7 In to 12 In Pots and Pans - Replacement Frying Pan Cover and Cast Iron Skillet Lid
Jill Friedman - I'm a fan of the The Green Pan. They are not toxic and very non-stick. Also have a variety that you can use metal utensils.
Erin Lee - We switched to cast iron cookware about 10 years ago. This cast iron braiser gets used every day. Worth the investment!
Edouardo Jordan - High quality and affordable cookware is difficult to come by--typically it's either throw away pans or expensive investment pieces. Many home cooks fall in the middle, and Abbio is fulfilling this need. Even though I'm a professional Chef, I love using Abbio cookware at home--and they are a local...
Carly Canter - Second best pan. Be sure to season this one a couple times a year, but they are nonstick and don't wear out as quickly as your typical teflon fry pans!

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