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over 2 years ago
My plug for the Always pan...Made potstickers in my old Green Pan and the Green Pan was a disaster as always! I was ready to go back to a non-stick pan but they slid right off the Always Pan!!!Just wish they made a bigger one so I could cook more at once!!
over 2 years ago
This pan doesn't stick! Easy to clean, nice conductive heat surface, and has a basket for steaming (which I admittedly never use).
almost 3 years ago
This pan is and does everything. It cooks evenly and beautifully, and it's so versatile that I tossed out my saute pan, sauce pan and skillet and use this instead. It also has a super-handy spoon rest on the actual pan, which makes you wonder why all pans do not come with this. Also, it is lovely to look at.
Liz Pearce I received one of these as a gift a while back and just finally got around to trying it out. Nothing sticks to this pan! I like it overall, but that's it's #1 feature in my book.
  • almost 3 years ago
Meredith Fife This just showed up in my IG ads and I thought it looked great. Good to know it has your stamp of approval!
  • almost 3 years ago