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over 2 years ago
I have worked with Albert Lee on countless projects in the North Seattle. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
about 3 years ago
I have always used Albert Lee whenever I have an appliance need - from one of urgency (drier went down) to a planned kitchen remodel. They provide honest and helpful information to get you the appliance you need - you don't have to get caught in the hassle of matching manufactures for the best pricing. The help you navigate to your personalized needs. Best service, best pricing (they will match) for best outcome!
over 3 years ago
We have used Albert Lee a number of times for many different appliances. Great old school Seattle small business. They have great pricing but they will match any lower price, and their sales reps are super knowledgable and not pushy.
over 3 years ago
My great grandmother used to buy all her appliances at Albert Lee in Magnolia. My grandparents did the same while they lived here. My wife and I are following tradition, but not because of tradition, but price and service. We just purchased 4 sets of range, dishwasher, refrigerator, hood (all GE stainless) during their warehouse sale and we got great prices on all of them - much better pricing than HD or Lowes.
over 3 years ago
Our clothes dryer died over the holidays immediately following the birth of our son and Albert Lee by far had the fastest delivery dates for a replacement.
almost 4 years ago
Our old old old clothes dryer finally went kaput and we needed a new one stat. We looked at both Costco and Albert Lee. Both offered free delivery, installation and take-away (key for non-handy people such as myself).

We were pleasantly surprised with how low-pressure and helpful the sales person was and the prices weren't too far off from Costco so we ended up buying from her.

My major gripe is that the real prices aren't listed, everything seems to have a "special" and you have to ask the sales person to get you the real price which makes it hard to browse.

Overall, a good experience though and we'll probably buy our fridge there next as our current one is on its last legs.
almost 4 years ago
Great customer service! Their prices during their veterans day sales are hard to beat.
almost 4 years ago
My wife & I remodeled the kitchen in our Queen Anne craftsman and bought all our appliances here. The rep was great (can't remember his name), no pressure sales, helped us pick a set that matched despite being different brands. He helped us lock in prices from their twice annual warehouse sale despite not being able to take delivery right away. Awesome! I believe we also separately bought our washer/dryer here when the old washer died...competitive prices to the big box stores and easy delivery (despite a small doorway and awkward stairs into our basement).
almost 4 years ago
Fantastic appliance company.
about 4 years ago
Mark and Manny have been great help over the years!
about 4 years ago
we get all of our appliances here - recommend!
about 4 years ago
As an interior designer, we have used Albert Lee for many projects for our clients + have been impressed with their ability to deliver on schedule.
over 4 years ago
We've bought several of our major appliances from them. Always pleased. Made the mistake of buying our last big item from a big box retailer. Never again.
over 4 years ago
I spent so much money here. Many times. Great service including delivery. Oh, and the warehouse sale is actually fun. I just need to show some restraint when faced with all that chrome.
David Geller I need a checkmark to advance toward completing my profile - so I choose this recommendation to comment on! Lucky you, right. ;) Good recommendation, though. We've used Albert Lee for years. Just wish we could order more from the Miele section... $$$
  • over 4 years ago
Ben Shorr Checkmark earned! I've really come away from Albert Lee with good feelings and good appliances. I think my favorite salesman (Mark Ferrier) did retire. And I heard a negative experience from a neighbor. But that's second hand information.
  • about 4 years ago
Adam Doppelt Pro tip - never buy a microwave drawer
  • about 4 years ago
Matt Shobe True statement Adam Doppelt - I live in fear of our Sharp drawer failing again. I figure the world will have stopped making replacements that fit by the time it finally kicks it for good.
  • about 4 years ago
Adam Doppelt OMG that is so funny Matt Shobe. Our Sharp drawer perished in an unfortunate cleaning accident. The replacement was hideously expensive and required a lengthy install via handyman. Plus our new Sharp drawer has a button for opening and closing, much like an ancient CD player. Can't pull it open. We despise that thing, but what else are we supposed to do? Not worth a remodel..
  • about 4 years ago
over 4 years ago
Great experience purchasing appliances during remodel 9 years ago. Seriously - who has a great experience purchasing appliances? Mark may have left- hopefully current salespeople have as much integrity.
over 4 years ago
Can't wait for their sale every year.
almost 5 years ago
The best stuff and knowledgeable people at fair prices.

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