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Buzz Bruggeman

Small town Minnesota guy, with a front row seat on the Tech Gold Rush that is Seattle in 2020. Living in Leschi (very best part of Seattle)
Joined 6 months ago

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Shauna Swerland Youssefnia
3 months ago • Mercer Island
we love The Fitness Outlet and we recommend them to friends for their company gyms and anyone who is trying to get in shape at home (especially now...
Jennifer Kyle
4 months ago • San Rafael
Does anyone have recommendations for a restaurant in Seattle that is good for business dinner & groups? Looking for something ideally with a privat...
Matt Gamboa
6 months ago • Bellevue
Anyone have experience replacing a 2014+ BMW battery? The local dealership is quoting way more than I expect. It's the first time I've had to repla...
Buzz Bruggeman
6 months ago • Leschi
Has anyone had success getting say a photo off an iPhone if not professionally printed, but at least printed at a quality level that I could frame ...