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The Fresh Chalk Blog

Dream Team: Coaches Help Seattle Entrepreneur Go the Distance

Wednesday August 14th • by Liz Pearce

If you meet Peter Chee out and about, you’ll notice his infectious smile and bright demeanor. But dig deeper and you’ll learn that the person Peter is today is the result of the support of a team of coaches over many years.

Top 10 Pros You Need to Sell Your Home

Wednesday August 7th • by Yaprak DeCarmine

How fast you can sell your home and how much the process will cost can depend on the professionals you hire. We’re here to help you find experienced and friend-trusted pros that can help you have the best possible experience selling your home.

150k Small Business Website Teardown Part Two: Website Builders, Speed and Google Rank

Tuesday July 30th • by Adam Doppelt

In this chapter I delve into the tricky world of small business website builders, hosting and site speed. Prepare for a deep dive into Squarespace, Weebly and Wix, with a bit of WordPress thrown in for good measure.

Fresh Chalk is partnering with EnviroStars to promote Environmentally-Conscious Washington Businesses

Wednesday July 24th • by Yaprak DeCarmine

We've added 100+ EnviroStars-recognized businesses to Fresh Chalk, making us the first and only recommendations site to feature Washington businesses who’ve achieved the EnviroStars recognition.

Meet the Pro: Vanessa Laughlin of Banister Advisors

Wednesday July 17th • by Liz Pearce

Vanessa Laughlin was living a peaceful life in Seattle when tragedy struck a beloved family member. Seeking a better way to handle end-of-life challenges during times of grief surrounding the care and loss of a loved one, she created Banister Advisors to help others.

Debunking 5 Common Fertility Myths with Dr. Lora Shahine of Pacific NW Fertility

Wednesday July 10th • by Yaprak DeCarmine

Dr. Lora Shahine is passionate about changing the narrative surrounding infertility and miscarriage from one of shame to one of support and empowerment. In addition to answering our questions, Dr. Shahine has graciously shared her list of trusted professionals and busted 5 myths about fertility.

Meet the Pros: Deana Thayer and Kira Dorrian of Future Focused Parenting

Wednesday July 3rd • by Yaprak DeCarmine

Tantrums. Sleepless nights. Defiant attitudes. Bad grades. Bad manners. If you're a parent, you're likely to experience some (or all!) of these challenges with your kids over the years. Through Future Focused Parenting, Deana and Kira offer practical, down-to-earth parenting advice.

150k Small Business Website Teardown 2019

Wednesday June 26th • by Adam Doppelt

I set out to understand which website platforms are the best (and the worst), what drives really fast websites, the state of small business SEO, and how well this stuff correlates with Google SERPs. I’ll even cover everyone’s hot button question - Squarespace, Wix or Wordpress?

Seattle Wedding Pros We Love

Wednesday June 19th • by Yaprak DeCarmine

The pressure of executing the perfect wedding is not only on the couple exchanging the vows but also on the professionals it takes to pull off their most memorable day. Based on shared experiences from real Seattle couples, we've put together a list of top pros to help you plan your special day.

Meet the Pros: Brandon & Brian Madsen, Owners of Madsen Modern

Wednesday June 12th • by Yaprak DeCarmine

Madsen Modern owners Brandon and Brian Madsen breathe new life into vintage furniture through thoughtful restoration, whether it's the pieces they sell or pieces clients bring to them to be renewed. The brothers shared with us the importance of restoring quality design for the next generation.