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Andrea Kaempf
4 days ago • Seattle
Have you ever seen one of these? It’s the size of a basket ball and really scary. I looked online and the DIY is to go late at night, plug the hole...
7 replies
3 days ago
Shannon Gould I also used Parkers Eco Pest Control. They took care of our ants, but they also sprayed around our house and we’ve found this year to have fewer mosquitos and wasps.
Shannon Garbaccio We use Eagle Pest Eliminators and they are really great. We had one of these hornet's nests too - they got rid of it and they never came back. We've also used them for ants and rats - eek!

PS - we tried the late at night - spraying with over the counter spray and the little buggers rebuilt that nest within a day or so!!
Newcastle Life You can also try Eastside Bee Removal. He is all about humanely getting rid of bees - and that's all they do. So they're experts. :)
Christopher Penaloza
7 days ago • Redmond
We just moved to the area and have been staying with friends for a few months. Finally found a place and need to get movers to move all our stuff o...
3 replies
6 days ago
Devon Burns Check out Seattle Movers, I've used them for every move and they've always been on time, efficient with their time, and respectful with my things. Never had any damage during any of my moves and they've moved me 4 times!
Christopher Penaloza Awesome! Thank you for the info.
Chris Manderino College Hunks is another good one....and not just because of the name. We've used them about four times over the last two years including in and out of a storage unit.
Chris Boutee
7 days ago • Downtown
Getting ready to redo a kitchen in a 1939 home. Need an electrician's advice for lighting and electric outlet possibilities.
8 replies
5 days ago
Chris Boutee Thanks, Susan. They sound great!
Chris Boutee Thanks, Marston. Appreciate the recco!
Chris Boutee Awesome, Sara. Thanks!
Katherine Weaver
13 days ago • Puyallup
We are looking for our backyard to be finished with turf or sod and a larger cement patio. Any recommendations in the puyallup area would be greatl...
3 replies
10 days ago
Meredith Fife My neighbor just used AmaZing Landscape Services for their rental property in Pacific and they were very happy with them.
BETSY Dunn I have heard great things about Sunrise Landscaping Solutions.
Katherine Weaver Thank you both, I will definitely check them out!
Rochelle Whelan
13 days ago • Mercer Island
I need to replace some carpet with hardwood flooring and then completely refinish the hardwoods. Appreciate any recommendations!
3 replies
12 days ago
Marston Gould Hi Rochelle - I've had several floors refinished in my life - and my wife and I currently live in Seward Park in a 1927 home that had the original hardwood parquet floors. The family who lived in the house before us never really took care of them and they were is a sorry state. But Temo Chavez ( and his team did an amazing job. They also do a terrific job of prep and clean up as well. They are fast, friendly and very affordably priced and the quality of the work is as good if not better than you will find anywhere else. Period.
Liz Pearce Hi, @ShelleyWhelan! My friend @OmarShahine (who knows all the best people) recommended NW Premium Hardwood Floors. His recommendation makes it sound like a similar job to yours....
Omar Shahine We had the carpet in our basement replaced with hardwood flooring. A year later we had some water damage up stairs and they came back and replaced a few floor boards and re-finished. Some advice. You cannot be home when this work is happening. It dangerous and toxic smelling when they are sealing the floor. It takes multiple coats and then 48 hours min for the VOCs to get released.

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