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Anyone have experience replacing a 2014+ BMW battery? The local dealership is quoting way more than I expect. It's the first time I've had to repla...
6 replies
Last reply about 23 hours ago
Ryan Bruss You could always sell the BMW and get a Range Rover so you can spend even more on maintenance...
Matt Gamboa We will sell it soon, but for a Tesla. Little maintenance!
Dae Yu I use two shops for my BMW stuff: Car Tender on cap hill. and and Cmarr in Chinatown. Car Tender is a solid dealer alternative boutique - still should be cheaper than the dealer. Cmarr is like your cousins shop. Call them ahead to make sure they can do it. And get a quote. Hopefully, they answer your phone or return your email.
Our kids are interested in piano. Where should we start looking at renting or buying a digital piano or the real deal?
3 replies
Last reply about 4 hours ago
Chris Manderino Rock Jam $130 on amazon until you know they’ll stick with it. My 10 year old has been using for two years and his instructor says it is still just fine.
Adam Doppelt Agree with that. Full sized keyboard is way cheaper, not to mention more fun for beginners.
Steven A. Chayer Chris and Adam have the right idea :)
Who are my best choices for all the home A/V, automation and networking projects I have piling up? I want to set up a new home theater, and I have ...
5 replies
Last reply about 23 hours ago
Diana Chamberlain I can introduce you to Rose Media Inc! Really great peeps.
Adam Doppelt Big thumbs up for Wipliance. Really appreciated the attention to detail as they modified my drywall, electrical, etc. You'll save money if you supply your own equipment... Example - buy your own wall mount based on Amazon reviews instead of letting the home automation people pick one out.
Newcastle Life Eastside Audio Video is great. Check them out!
I need to replace my very unreliable electric gate system at our house. Any suggestions?
3 replies
Last reply about 23 hours ago
Adam Doppelt Is this a car gate, or a gate for people? Those car gates are so flaky. Electrical, the sensor, balancing the gate upright... We had one at our old house that never worked right. I eventually forced it open and let it rot.
Stuart Nagae Hi Adam. Yes, it is a flaky car gate.
Liz Pearce Marnie White (a landscape architect recommended by @jennifer) suggested Automated Gates and Equipment.
I need a cake for my daughters birthday and would like something nicer than grocery store cake. She wants Minnie Mouse :) any great bakers you woul...
4 replies
Last reply about 23 hours ago
Shannon Swift A bit further out, but AMAZING cakes at Celebrity Cakes in Tacoma!
kelly malloy i got a beautiful cake for my husbands 50th from Taryn Smith (tarynhatesveggies) instagram
Dae Yu Yummy House in Chinatown (no, i don't care if i'm supposed to call it The International District, LOLOL). The cakes are Hong Kong style. That means they are not too sickening sweet. They are light and fluffy. And they have all kinds of other Asian pastries and baked goods. Like the Hot Dog Bun. Literally a hot dog in a baked pastry. I can eat several of these in one sitting.

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