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Now that I've hit 50 and AARP eligible, Arry's post got me thinking - I'd like to get a nice set of eyebrows that will look nice and not outdated d...
4 replies
Last reply 3 days ago
Aileenie Gurat Hi Sue! Most of the old tattoos were done too deep and they used ink instead of the pigment which is what We use for microblading and microshading today! Microblading vs Microshading are very similar it really just depends on the look you are going for and what your brows are currently look like. During your appointment or consult with your artist they will definitely give you their expert suggestions! Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you
Liesl Alice Gatcheco Hi Sue - I’m Liesl Gatcheco, the owner of Eyebrowbaby Microblading + Beauty in Ballard. The art form has come a long way since the days of brows turning gray or blue. The pigments used now are made to fade over 1-2 years as our faces change and styles change as well. Gone are the thin brows of the 90’s and full brows are what we see all over Instagram. My approach to microblading/microshading is very natural. I consider facial structure, hair growth patterns, lifestyle and each clients personal preference. It’s all about communication and I usually am pretty conservative for your first appointment unless told otherwise. At the touch up, I can go in to make your browns darker and fuller as needed. The microblading technique applies hair like strokes to the brows and microshading fills in the entire brow for a “powdered” look, as if you filled in your brows with a pencil or eyeshadow. Please let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. The only complaint you’ll have after getting it done is questioning why you didn’t do it any sooner! Cheers!
Sue Bae Thanks so much for the info! I appreciate you taking the time.
it makes me shiver, at the thought of having to fix it... we likely need a refrigerator repair done. see what i did there? please give me your th...
11 replies
Last reply 3 days ago
Liz Pearce You might also try Mark Wiseman. I heard from a few people that he is the guy to call for appliances.
Dae Yu Wiseman is not in my service area. double sigh. I'm stuck with the GE $110 service call. #homeOps is hard. assinc doesn't service GE. triple sigh.
Adam Doppelt Report back! I have some GE appliances too and it's just a matter of time before I need service...
Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who could repair cracks in and resurface a cement retaining wall?
2 replies
Last reply 6 days ago
Liz Pearce Hi, Jan! We did some digging around, and it looks like one good option might be Matvey Foundation Repair. They were recommended by @Karilod, a friend of mine, and would be able to come out as soon as next Tuesday for a free estimate.
Jan Slinn Thank you Liz! We will check them out and then review them on the site.
Has anyone tried to do hardwood floors and major paint at same time? Looking for recommendations for painter and floor who can coordinate. We are ...
3 replies
Last reply 7 days ago
Liz Pearce cc @Martilu :)
Steven A. Chayer Yes, I am retired now but have had experience coordinating extensive paint jobs and hardwood floor refinishing. Are you refinishing your floors or installing a new floor? And have you chosen your painter yet? How Extensive is the paint job? Does it involve walls, ceilings and prime and paint of all woodwork? Does it include the whole house?
Gonzalo Colo Hi Andrea, Colo P&R would love to help you with you project. with more than 15 years of experience in Seattle area, We will deliver you a high quality final project! please e-mail me at we can schedule a meeting When it works for you.
Anyone try microblading (and is Asian)? Trying to find someone that is good AND has experience with Asian beauty. :) Thanks!
6 replies
Last reply 3 days ago
Anne McGowan My friend who does Microblading is also Filipino and has a large client base .....
Flora Ku Several of my friends (also Asian) have gotten their brows done by Aileenie Gurat--their brows look amazing. Aileenie's IG is @luxelabseattle.
Aileenie Gurat ^^^ that’s me! Do your research on several artists and check out their styles.

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