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Gonzalo Colo

Joined 8 months ago

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Andrea Kaempf
5 months ago • Seattle
Has anyone tried to do hardwood floors and major paint at same time? Looking for recommendations for painter and floor who can coordinate. We are ...
Berk Erkul
6 months ago • Capitol Hill
I'm looking for a contractor to do floor installation for my condo. It's the clicky laminate flooring with underlayment. I already have all the mat...
Steven A. Chayer
6 months ago • Greenwood
Hello Fresh Chalk Community, I am looking for an electrician to quote the installation of power and lights into an old commercial building in Magno...
Detlef Schrempf
8 months ago • Bellevue
Looking for handy man to do small repairs, hang pictures, Tv's, etc for a condo in Bellevue. Thanks Det
Mikaela A Kiner
8 months ago • Mount Baker
I need a realistic bid to finish my basement. We're in Mt Baker so they need to be willing to come south of I90.