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The purpose of this site is to share resources among KapKa parents.
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Amanda Mathis
Child Therapist
Andrea Valdez
Psychiatric Nurse
Takes most insurance; specializes in ADHS, anxiety, autism, bipolar, depression among children and adolescents.
Carly Delavan
Child Therapist
She specializes in LGBTQ and gender identity and gifted children. She used role-playing games which was great for our child.
Carol Lundemo
Child Therapist
Exposure-based therapy for kids, adolescent and adults; takes most insurance
Daelene King
Learning Support
Performs diagnostic evaluations and intervention plans for kids with learning disabilities/differences.
Dr. Erin Olson
Child Therapist
Can perform neuropsych evaluations.
Hallowell Todaro Center
Child Therapist
Specializes in ADHD.
Hope Sandler
ADHD Coach
Jennifer Sherley
Speech-Language Pathologist
Kathleen Love
Speech-Language Pathologist
She is a speech-language pathologist who specializes in phonics-based learning and etymology of words; ~$100/lesson; works out of her home in Ravenna neighborhood.
Kathryn Vinson
Child Therapist
Specializes in art therapy for kids; takes most insurance.
Leah Gardner
Therapist (Adult)
Lehman Learning
Learning Support
Rinamarie Leon-Guerrero
Child Therapist
Rosemary White
Pediatric Ot
Rosie Newman
Child Play Therapist
Rosie is magical. She has such a kind and gentle way of relating to kids and really knows how to get to the root of issues.
Sara Hepler-Johnson
Learning Support
Sophia Gomma
Learning Support
She's a non-phonics based dyslexic tutor, specializing in the Davis Approach; These are 1:1 week-long intensives.
Sydney Iverson, PhD
Child Therapist
CBT therapist for mood, anxiety, behavioral, regulatory, and relational challenges; strong interest in treating anxiety, fears, obsessions and compulsions; does not take insurance; $200/session
Therese Macdonald
Reading Tutor
Wired for reading practitioner in Ballard.
Vicki Nelson
Occupational Therapist
Occupational therapist who works with kids with dysgraphia; ~$120/hr.
Wally's Club
Child Therapist
Karrin's social skills groups are awesome! She's such a pleasure to work with!
Wired for Reading
Learning Support