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Kelly Crimmins

Native Seattleite, live in North Seattle, work in IT project management for Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. Always looking for good recommendations: anything house, pets or shopping opportunities. :)
Joined 10 months ago

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Kelly Crimmins
20 days ago • Seattle
I'm looking for some yummy restaurants that are adhering to CoVid guidelines with outside tables. We live in North Seattle, but will travel for a F...
Jessica M Shapiro
22 days ago • Montlake
I'm looking for a caterer who could do a COVID-safe outdoor dinner. It will be about 17 people (including 6 kids) in 5 different clusters that will...
Liz Pearce
23 days ago • Montlake
Hi, FC friends! My favorite local yoga studio, Ritual House, is on a (hopefully temporary) schedule break and I need to find a new option quickly. ...
H Hardin
6 months ago • Montlake
Afternoon! Looking for a estate planning attorney. Need to do some wills. 🦋
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