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Marston Gould

Seward Park • Seattle, WA
Im a digital marketer with over 20 years experience. Prior to that I was a NASA engineer - basically a glorified plumber. I've also owned about a dozen homes in my life - most of which were built prior to 1930 and have spent time remodeling them - both DIY and with trades folk.
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Marston Recommends


Attic Project
I just recently used them to insulate and do rat barrier prevention. They did a great job and are reliable.
CD Floor Solutions
I simply can't say enough good things about Temo and his team. They are fast, professional, safe, clean and most importantly highly proficient in what they do. We've used him multiple times.
Daniel R Andres
Dan came to use via my neighbor who is a commercial GC. We live in an older home and we started to have lots of little things go out. Dan came in late one afternoon and one by one just quickly fixed everything for a very reasonable price.
Green Planet Plumbing
Not long after we purchased our home, we had water in the basement. Luckily GPP came to the rescue. We ended up having to have the a drainage pipe cut out of the concrete floor and replaced. Not an easy task. They also installed a new flash water heater.
Hector Samayoa
Hector is an awesome painter. His team does an exceptional job in both prep and application. They only brush and roll, no spraying. Even so, they are timely and efficient. We’ve used on two homes so far and after we painter our former townhouse, all of the neighbors hired him as well.
Jordan Dewilde Fence Company
Jordan build a really nice hog wire garden fence with a huge trellis door for us along with adding trellis along our entire fence. Next up he's going to be adding an A frame to a veggie planter box to keep the birds/squirrels out. Really easy going guy, does a great job.
Maple Leaf Locksmith
I have an older home with several mortise locks. Some might just replace with something modern. But Bjorn helped to fix these classic locks and bring them back to their original workings
McLendon Hardware
Hardware Store
Having used the three big brands (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace), I would have to say that McLendons is the only one where customer service is still number one. Everyone is very friendly. Prices are not outrageous. Staff will take the time to help you when you really need it. I've been rooked too many times by the big 3. I've never had anything but a good experience with McL
Monsoon Rain Gardens
Monsoon Gardens is Rainwise certified and installed my rain garden. They were awesome. My tanks are always full. It's great!
Portland Avenue Nursery
There are lots of great nurseries in the Seattle area, but Portland is the best for trees. If you are looking for something a bit more mature at a decent price, Portland is the place to go.
Temo Chavez
We have a 1920s home with parquet hardwood floors. Temo and his crew repaired and refinished our floors to a beautiful condition. They also were very careful as they worked to tape off floors, walls, appliances, etc. to keep from causing additional work or damage. He charges a very reasonable price and is very efficient
The Urban Gardener
Landscape Architect
Tree Harmony Arborists
Tree Service
Scott Sinclair at Tree Harmony Arborists is a great arborist.






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