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Cheryl Recommends


Brenner Dental Care
Dr. Brenner isn’t your average general dentist. He specializes in general and cosmetic treatments as well as crowns made the same day, dental implants, and sedation dentistry. He’s honest, and the whole staff is wonderful. He also helps out community sports and public school events because he likes to help.
Dr. Erin Moore (polyclinic Madison center)
Dr. Lauren Pray (Northwest Women's Healthcare)
We used a different OB for our first deliveries, and found our doctor to be somewhat cold and forgetful, which is a big deal considering how often we had to go for appointments. On recommendation from several nurse friends, we switched to Dr. Pray. I would give anything for her to be my regular primary physician because she is friendly, listens, and follows-up. If you’re expecting, I would absolutely recommend Dr. Pray a hundred times over.
Dr. Matthew Allen (Ballard Pediatric Clinic Inc)
He found an important medical condition early on, which made all the difference in our child’s treatment with specialists. The specialists said not everyone would have caught the condition as early as Dr. Allen did. We are forever grateful.
Dr. Michael Kulfan
Most of my recommendations are child-centered, and this is no exception. When we were concerned about a learning development concern, we asked our pediatrician for a recommendation, and he said Dr. Kulfan is the best. He offers an intake appointment, thorough testing, followed by a review where parents walk away with a 15+ page insightful report on how your child’s brain works. It’s great to have an outside perspective now and then. He never talks down to parents or kids, and that in itself is an excellent quality.





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Looking for a great butcher in downtown or north seattle. My wife is pregnant and cant stand the thought of a Turkey roasting in the oven smelling ...