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Sam Solomon
over 1 year ago • Austin

A/C and Heating

Looking for recommendation for A/C and heating service repair. I have had a handful of different companies and local people come out and tell me a handful of different problems. Just don't know who to trust when one says I need a new unit and another says I need one thing replaced. Very hard to find someone on weekends, which is the only time I'm home for more than an hour at a time to assist and direct to issue! Not afraid to try and fix myself, I just want to avoid taking out coil and breaking other parts of machine if they're still good! Please HELP!
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over 1 year ago
Our neighbor! Super trustworthy. Tell him your friends with me. He lives right behind me.
Fixed it during the storm and power outage last year just enough to get me through to when I could get the element replaced. Didn't try to have me replace the whole thing but was upfront that I'm going to need to all the units sooner or later.

Matt Shaw with Climate Specialists.
over 1 year ago