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Jill Friedman
14 days ago • Seattle

A/V installation and troubleshooting

I am moving into a rental home and am completely overwhelmed by the amount of wires that are poking out of the walls. There is no cell service within the walls of the house (weirdly) and I need someone to come troubleshoot these issues for me. Sonos setup, tv and gaming wiring, and internet/wifi issues to solve as well. Anyone have a reliable person or company who can help?
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14 days ago
Someone else will have to suggest who to hire but for Wi-Fi I recommend getting an eero, super fast, super easy to set up, and 3 nodes will cover a decent sized house. You can drop a node wherever you want a physical connection for a device. Wifi is fast enough now that there’s not much incentive for physical wiring. You really can figure it out.

For cell phone connectivity, once you have internet, it’s really painless and easy to drop a microcell onto your network. Your phone sees it as a cell tower but it communicates with the phone company over the internet. There are different protocols for AT&T vs. Verizon so be sure to get the right one. You just plug it into your router, configure which phone numbers are allowed to use it, and you’re off to the races.
14 days ago
Thank you!! That's great info. I appreciate it.
14 days ago
Hey Jill. Someone recommended Signature AV recently as a "tech savvy handyman", which sounds perfect! I think the guy's name is Denny. Can you report back if you end up using the service? I've wanted this too.

If you want to run wires and maybe get some new equipment, I recommend Wipliance. We've used them for hanging TVs, power, conduit, speakers, etc. Clean work, reasonably priced, excellent service.

Our house has no cell service either. Many phones have a feature called "Wi-Fi Calling" that just uses your WiFi directly. When my iPhone is on our wifi it acts like it has perfect cell reception. I wish our cell provider would build a tower nearby but in the meantime we make do.

Happy to chime in on gaming + Sonos too if you want :P

Good luck!
see - Wipliance
14 days ago

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