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Jen Wallace
over 2 years ago • Indianapolis

Dermatologist & Botox/ Dysport

Good morning! I'm looking for recommendations on who you all love for a dermatologist and someone for Botox/ Dysport ☺️ this mama is in need of some help with those lovely lines on my forehead 😉 thanks!
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over 2 years ago
Dr. Nebessio at Dawes Fretzen Dermatology is absolutely incredible. She cares so much and is actually the one who caught my autoimmune diseases. I highly recommend her! She doesn't do botox though, but she has partners who do.
over 2 years ago
Not a dermatologist but Kurr Medical Spa in downtown Carmel does botox. I have not had their botox treatment but have been going there for several years with lovely results. Honestly, at my first appointment I wanted botox but they recommended other less invasive treatments that have worked great.
over 2 years ago