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Anja Castillo
about 2 years ago • Boston

Social Media Management App or Platform that is cheap or (preferably) free but still decent

Most of the really pricey ones only give you a 2 week trial, but it usually takes me that long just to figure out HOW TO USE IT :'( So, I've used up my trial on 2 that want like $40+/month which isn't justifiable for my piddly social accounts (hopefully that will be changing SOON!), but anyways, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I've already wasted 3 weeks on trials :/
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about 2 years ago
Okay, well today, working with a client of mine I discovered that CANVA has a social post scheduling feature with their pro version which is not only WAY cheaper than the ones that JUST let you schedule things, but also includes access to a lot of the really cool publisher features you don't have access to with the basic version. Hopefully this will help someone else in a similar boat (yacht, whatever :D)
see - Canva
about 2 years ago