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Sara Marie
over 2 years ago • Austin

What are the best places to sing Karaoke in Austin?

What are some of your favorite places to take the stage? Bonus points for days/times!
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over 2 years ago
I only do private room karaoke lol too shy to take the stage. So the High Ball is my go to with a group of friends.
over 2 years ago
Ego’s on Congress. The Common Interest on Burnet Road. Both are old time Austin favorites. Open everyday. Karaoke starts at 9pm till 2am.
over 2 years ago
Jaim Sidelnik - I heard Bar620 is doing a weekly one on Thursday night too.
see - Bar 620
over 2 years ago
EGO's on S. Congress.
see - Ego's
over 2 years ago
Beer30 in Manor is ok. Not too many people there to make fun of me.
see - Beer:30
over 2 years ago