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Anthony Bontrager


Just a guy who loves cycling and wine.
Joined 9 months ago

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Liz Pearce
30 days ago • Montlake
Murphy's Law: the dishwasher dies the day out-of-town guests arrive. The appliance repair person (Mark Wiseman) said to cut my losses and get a new...
Oren Etzioni
2 months ago • Seattle
Does anyone have a good experience with installation of an electric generator?
Rebecca Lovell
4 months ago • Montlake
Fresh Chalkers! Would love recommendations on great acupuncturists in either downtown or Montlake— thank you!
Maile Bohlmann
5 months ago • Ballard
We're looking for a basic regular gardener or gardening service at an affordable price in the Ballard area. Someone reliable and easy to work with ...
Anthony Bontrager
6 months ago • Sammamish
Looking for a repair specialist for LG smart Washers and Dryers who operate in the Redmond/Sammamish area.
Liz Pearce
6 months ago • Montlake
I have a wood burning fireplace in my house, and recently discovered how much firewood it takes to keep the thing going for a couple hours. It’s a ...