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Community Advocate

If you like to recommend local businesses and your favorite products, give helpful advice, make friends and receive rewards, the Fresh Chalk Community Advocate program is right for you. Community Advocates play a direct role in helping ensure that authentic, trustworthy recommendations are available to all.

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Why Join?

Build Community

The connections you make with other Fresh Chalk members in your area creates a better community, with people who are eager to help and learn from others. You’ll recruit new members and be valued as a reliable go-to resource for Fresh Chalkers seeking new recommendations in the area.

Support Local Businesses

Your positive, personalized recommendations help support and recognize local businesses and professional services in your community, cultivating a truly unique, hyper-local experience. Your recommendations will be prominently featured to help guide other Fresh Chalkers to the businesses and services you support.

Earn Rewards

Not only will you receive a special Community Advocate profile badge that highlights your role as a trusted go-to resource in your area, you’ll earn more karma and be rewarded with exclusive offers and giveaways from Fresh Chalk partners as you take on and complete various advocate tasks.

We need your help to create a more trusted, positive place to share important recommendations online.

Fresh Chalk is all about trust, ease, and community. We’re looking to create an experience around finding and sharing recommendations that reflect those values, and is inclusive of all people all over the country. But we can’t do it alone. By becoming a Community Advocate, you can be a part of building something special, and be rewarded for your contributions.

The Community Advocate program is open to Fresh Chalk members who meet program criteria.

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*Our Community Advocate program is open to US residents only and is completely volunteer-based, with no specific commitments. How much you do on Fresh Chalk as a Community Advocate is up to you and completely on your own terms. All we ask of you is just have fun, stay positive and make connections with like-minded individuals and others with diverse interests in your area.