Fresh Chalk Badges

As you’ve been cruising around Fresh Chalk, you may have seen business profiles adorned with very official looking badges. "This looks important," you may have said to yourself, "but what does it mean?" Wonder no further, friend. Below is the Fresh Chalk Guide to Badges, here to help you glean at a glance the greater impact of each of these businesses, so it’s easier for you to do good with your dollars.

Sustainable Businesses

Fresh Chalk business listings that feature the Sustainable badge are EnviroStars certified. EnviroStars is a Washington State Green Business Program that identifies businesses that have taken significant measures to reduce their environmental impact in the areas of waste, energy, water, pollution, and wastewater.

Verified Businesses

Fresh Chalk business listings that feature the Verified badge have been identified as having valid business licenses and insurance. Powered by Mesh.
If you see a business you think needs one of these badges, or there’s a badge you’d like to see added to Fresh Chalk, send us an email! We love hearing from you.