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Amy Pennington

I'm a journalist and urban farmer. I know food, I know wellness, I know gardens!
Connected with Gogo Green Garden
Joined 11 months ago

Amy Recommends


Bainbridge Gardens
Bayview Farm and Garden
Up on Whidbey Island, Bayview is one of my faves for their collection of gorgeous pots and beautiful trellis'
Cedar Grove Composting
Recycling Services
Dirt Exchange
E-Green Landscaping and Materials
Compost Supplier
Fruhling Sand and Topsoil
Gardening Gaga
Landscape Design
Michelle knows EVERYTHING about plants. Everything. She is a landscaper with an artistic touch - she is NOT going to plant some cheap, ugly shrubs that look terrible in two years. Reasonably priced and in demand - Gardening GaGa is the best.
Kent East Hill Nursery
Pacific Topsoils
I use Pacific Topsoils all the time, but I don't buy their veg mix - I buy a portion of topsoil and compost, about 65-70% topsoil and the rest compost.
Landscape Enhancement
Sawdust Supply
Easy process. They deliver bulk product. I order soil + compost, making my own blend.
Sayers Fuel
Easy process. They deliver bulk product. I order soil + compost, making my own blend.
Sky Nursery
Good for anyone on the north end. I find their delivered bulk products to be expensive, but if you're in a pinch, they are a good option. The store also has supplies for ponds/fountains if you have any built into your landscape.
Steamboat Island Worm Farm
Landscape Enhancement
Sure Would Inc
Landscape Enhancement
Walt's Organic Fertilizer
My absolute favorites - a small, locally owned farm/garden store for true urban farmers. They have small quantities of fertilizers, so you can mix and match as needed and make their own product Rainy Day NW Blend that is a perfect start to every spring. Good option for starts and seeds, too, and an excellent resource for a strip or two of floating row cover.



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Amy's Conversations

Amy Pennington
2 months ago • Queen Anne
HI! Does anyone know of anyone that is experienced with litigation regarding mold? Looking for consultation and potential representation wherein a ...
Heather Redman
4 months ago • Downtown
Welp, looks like we may need to make lemonade out of lemons and relocate for the winter. Since I became an over-zealous plant parent this year, I n...
Jen Hope
4 months ago • Queen Anne
Hey y'all! I'm looking to find a wonderful copywriter to help with small ongoing projects for an HR solutions firm. It would be ideal to find someo...
Carolyn Gracz
8 months ago • Madrona
Looking for a good CSA that hopefully isn’t sold out already. Thanks!
Kristen Cole
11 months ago • Central District
Our backyard oasis has been cut out to a view of a honey bucket and substation. Recommendations for an arborist or landscaper or just the right tal...
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