4 Best Georgetown Cafes

  • 200 University Blvd Unit 110, Round Rock
    Michael Lafears - Amazing coffee, great service, and coffee house feel
    Jessica Alfaro - I love Summer Moon! I can't get there too much because it's across town but if you go get a Blue Moon and sub the skim milk for whole! It's an indulgent treat.
    Jennifer Porton - They have the best lattes!!! Also a great spot to work or meet friends.
  • 309 S Main St, Georgetown
    Michael Lafears - This is a small coffee shop in Georgetown. Good atmosphere to enjoy a good cup of coffee and social time
    recommended by Jen Schade
  • 809 S Main St, Georgetown
    Michael Lafears - Small coffee shop with great coffee with a relaxing environment
  • 1019 W University Ave 810, Georgetown
    Michael Lafears - This place is next to five below. It's a gaming center for kids and teens. You can host birthday parties and game tournaments here.

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