10 Best Indianapolis Gyms

  • 5302 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis • Fairgrounds
    Morgan Keith - I love how this gym is setup, it makes it easy to get a full body workout in a short amount of time.
    ashley sharp - I love this gym. Everyone is chill, it's not intimidating, and there is always an open machine. I was able to lose over 100 pounds at this location and the staff was so helpful the whole way through
    Shaylynn Rohde - With planet fitness you’re totally getting your bang for your buck! They’re cheap and top notch!
  • 5315 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis • Snacks-Guion Creek
    Carol Mullins - This new facility has a great indoor pool, track for running and walking when weather is an issue, open floor gym with all new equipment and great classes at all times of day. The staff is always helpful and parking and interstate make for easy access.
    Jeff Mullins - As a Swimmer I appreciate the indoor lap pool and locker rooms. Track and exercise equipment is great.
    Trystan Mullins - I love the lap pool, equipment and classes.
  • 6701 Hoover Rd, Indianapolis
    Carol Mullins - The staff and facilities are first class. So many classes to choose from, lots of exercise equipment, indoor and outdoor pools for the whole family. Child care services and connected to the community.
    Kira Carney - I love going to the JCC to swim with my friends in the Summer! Super great place and a few friends of mine have taken Tae Kwon Do classes there and loved it.
    recommended by Mandy Bray
  • 6320 La Pas Trail, Indianapolis • Augusta
    Carol Mullins - Love Arthur Jordan, Fitness room has lots of equipment to choose from and staff is always wiping it down, even after the members wipe it off.
    Jeff Mullins - The Jordan YMCA has great programs for the family. Lots of equipment, good indoor and outdoor pool, and a great basketball court inside for pick up games.
  • 1000 E Market St, Indianapolis • Near Eastside
    Carol Mullins - Kelsey will put you through the moves. No nonsense, lots of motivation, inspiration, and then push, push, push toward your personal best.
    Trystan Mullins - I love this gym so much! Kelsey is one of my favorite people to be around and she is always a tough lover! She will be the best motivator and is one of the coolest people to work with and be around. Love her!
  • 2727 E 86th St 115, Indianapolis • Nora
    Brittany Menestrina - Love the energy and the coaches at this location!!!
  • 8400 Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis • Nora
    Carol Mullins - This branch has a lot of classes for fitness, spiritual wellness, youth programming and more. They are very well connected to the community and serve the families and students of the area. Their summer camps are well attended.
  • 3479 Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis • Mars Hill
    recommended by Miracle McClenton
  • 6227 Coffman Rd, Indianapolis • Augusta
    Brittany Menestrina - Training with Tony was amazing! He's super smart and he makes you laugh when you want to give up!
    recommended by tony adrian, Adrian West
  • 250 University Blvd, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Gina Taylor - Great facility and nice staff
    recommended by Kim Spiegel