10 Best Miami Children's Clothing Stores

  • Miami, FL • Brickell
    Sandra J - The cutest pop up i came across at Aventura Mall. organic handmade goods, definitely worth checking out - the sweetest backstory!! I love small businesses
    Andre Palacios - Beautiful dresses for girls.
    Susana Molina - If you want to find a unique clothes for your little ones, you have to check them out, everything organic cotton and unique! Definitely worth the price!
    recommended by Sienna Scheel
  • 151 NE 41st St 219, Miami • Little Haiti
    Sandra J - If you have kids, this is a must on your list of places to go! What's not to say about this store? It's amazing, they understand kids, they understand kid fashion and SO much more! Here's what: they understand what it is to be a parent and that it doesn't always look perfect. From pregnancy to that kid life, they are there. In addition to the amazing curated collections in their shop. they offer classes for kids of all ages - including parents!! Definitely stop/shop by! xx
    Annette Bardot - The cutest stuff for kids toys and clothes and friendliest staff
  • Miami, Fl
    Clau C - These pillowcases are so soft and made from organic cotton. They have small pockets so the tooth-fairy can easily find the letter and teeth. So cute!!
    recommended by Andre Palacios
  • Miami, Fl
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  • 849 NE 73rd St, Miami • Upper Eastside
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  • Miami, Fl
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