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Robert Crimmins

I'm an entrepreneur (mostly tech) and a maker of all sorts of stuff (wood, glass, metal, laser, etc.) I mostly DIY it if I can figure it out... and if I can get the tools.
Joined 8 months ago

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Robert Crimmins
5 days ago • Seattle
As the pool rehab project continues, next step is to install a new gas heater... which means extending a gas line out to our garage where the pump ...
Robert Crimmins
7 days ago • Seattle
We're rehabbing our pool in anticipation of spending more time at home this summer than usual. It's a little like course sand paper in a few spots ...
Andrea Kaempf
12 days ago • Seattle
I changed iPhones last night and saw the mystery app (have them plan your night out on the town.). They do a mystery package where dinner and somet...
Robert Crimmins
17 days ago • Seattle
We have simple 20' x 16' concrete patio that I want to resurface. I had planned to do it using my own elbow grease (quarantine project) using self-...
Detlef Schrempf
about 1 month ago • Bellevue
I know alcohol seems to help too but I hear the apps Headspace and Calm are pretty good.
6 months ago • Seward Park
I would like to replace my zonal electric heaters with a mini split or something else more efficient/ user friendly. What recommendations do you ha...
Matt Shobe
7 months ago • Mercer Island
Our 10 year-old kitchen has been to war and back, and some of the drawers that hold the heaviest items are starting to sag in their runners and bum...