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Chanette Campbell

Hi, I'm Chanette Campbell ! I am a Phoenix native and mother of three precious kiddos who keep on the go daily. I love yoga, writing and music.
Joined about 2 months ago
Peace of Cake Mat by Baggedem
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4 Moms Pack N Play
I got this pack n play when I had my middle child and now my youngest has it and it is the BEST !! Its very easy to use and last you a while through all stages !
Auunt Jackies Knot on My Watch
The best leave in product for Curly hair.. I put this in all of kids hair everyday and the smell is amazing :)
Clinique Moisture Surge
I love this product , this is my everyday product. Its extremely light on your face but yet keeps it very moist and fresh !
Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap
Hand Soap
When I say this soap changed my life for the better !!!!!!! I wouldn't dare use any other kind of soap after this experience !!
Dr.Teal's Melatonin
I can't live without this !! I use is it for myself and my kiddos and after we all sleep like babies lol :)
Dutch Bros Coffee Ground
I wouldn't be able to start my morning off right if I don't have Dutch Bros !! This has been my go to coffee for the last 8 years and when I say I wouldn't dare try another coffee place I mean it :) My favorite drink I order everyday - Double Chocolate Mocha with White Coffee added
Edge Fixer
Hair Care
For sleek, smooth and laid edges !! This is my go to product. I use it both my daughter and my hair pretty much everyday !! This product has never let me down
Fenty Beauty Foundation
A MUST HAVE !! This is my everyday foundation, its super light in your face and really gives you that glow your looking for !!
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11
my daughter has this camera and LOVES it !! We have so many pictures laying around now lol !!
Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket
My favorite blanket ever !! I got it from Costco on sale for about $9 ... This was such a great steal , even my kids love this blanket lol :)
Hansen's Ginger Ale
When I say AMAZING !!!!!! This is my absolute favorite. My fridge is always stocked with them :) Give it a try !
Harney and Son Tea
Once you have this tea you won't look back, absoultley the best !! They have every kind you can think of and they ship pretty much everywhere !
Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp
I highly recommend having a couple of these through out your home, they bring balance and great energy. I probably have one in every single room throughout my home lol ..
Hunter Boots (Women)
These are a lifesaver, My fiancé and I have a lot of land we own and we are constantly working on it so that means (I'm always in mud lol).. These boots come in handy every time it rains :)
Joie in Life Waist Trainer
Weight Loss
One of the best waist trainers on the market, I have had mine for about a year now and it helps me sherd weight like crazy. If your looking for a comfy but yet reliable waist trainer , I highly recommend !
Kakaos Yoga Blocks
Yoga Blocks
If your a Yogi , you know you need all the right tools to complete a perfect practice !! These blocks are my favorite to use when I practice !!
Kid Friendly Ipad Case
Tablet Case
I have this iPad case for my 2 year old and its been such a lifesaver. Its really easy for him to grip and also for him to setup on his own !
Kids Hydro Flask Water Bottle
Water Bottle
My daughter is really into having a water bottle collection now lol ( not sure why) I bought this for her and its only one she'll use anywhere and everywhere we go :)
Kirkland Diapers
For all the Mama's !! I use to be a big fan of pampers until I was in Costco and saw these bad boys and (how many came in the box) lol this all I buy now Im really impressed with them !!
Mane and Tail
Now this might be old school, but I love this shampoo and wash so much.. I use it for my daughters hair and mine.. Its helped our hair grow out this world and the level of thickness we have now is crazy !! I highly recommend if your looking to grow your hair our at a healthy rate !!
Method Laundry
Laundry Detergent
This laundry detergent is more then amazing , every time I finish a load I have to take a seat and take in the smell lol.... You guys when I say this detergent is a must have , Trust ME !!
Munchkin Snack Catcher
Food Containers
My two year and one year old are the kings of making a mess with snacks, these are the best things I could have gotten.. They are really easy for them to hold and be in control of their snacks without making a super mess for me :)
Natrol Melatoin
I have two little ones who keep me going through out the day and these are my best friend at night when its hard for me to sleep !
Nike Air Max 270
My second favorite shoe :) when your a mom of three comfort is all your looking for !! These shoes are the best ever , please check them out !
Nike Cycle Shoes
Bike Shoes
I have these cycle shoes and whenI say the comfort level is beyond amazing , Trust ME :)
Nike Vapormax
Running Shoes
Womens Nike Vapormax !!! My everyday shoes , as a mother of 3 I don't know where I would be without these shoes !! The definition of COMFORT !!
Nuby Sippy Cup
Sippy Cups
When my youngest child was 6 month old, I feel in love this with this sippy cup :) It has really helped him wing hisself off of a bottle and I couldn't be more happier ! :)
Otherland Candles
Your entire house will smell Amazing !! These candles are great for gifts and if your really into candles. I highly recommend them for anyone :)
Oubonun Premium Adjustable Loft Quilted Body Pillows
Body Pillow
The best pillow, I wouldn't know what good sleep was without it.
Rolling Shoe Rack
Shoe Rack
This was a great investment , I bought two ! My fiancé and I have a lot of shoes its crazy and this helps us stay organized :)
Rose Quart Roller
Facial Roller
Sunday's are for "Self-care" and I Love a good facial, this product is my go to :) its really smooth on your face and helps with blemishes
Samsung - 6.0 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Smart Front Load Washer
Washing Machine
Samsung 6.0 ! I have this product and when I say a washer machine is an investment trust me lol ... I love mine, its really easy to use and last a long time.. Ive had this one for about 4 years now :)
The Five Love Languages
Such a great read ! If your in a relationship or getting into a new one, please let this book be a center point. It helps you dig deep figure out what love truly means to you and how you view different areas of love in great detail !
The Honey Pot
Feminine Products
These are the best female products I have ever used. They are all plant based and actually made by women !! Please give them a try :)
Traders Joes Tempura Cauliflower
These have become one my favorite snacks !! I put them in my air fryer for about 20 mins and its cloud 9 after that lol :) please give them try !!!

Special Occasions

Arizona Black Rodeo
This is a fun family event, there are so many different shows and you get the chance to actually meet the cowboys and cowgirls! Its the hottest show on dirt :)
Askia Stewart
Black Theatre Troupe
The black theater troupe is always bringing fun and educational experiences to phoenix, check them out for the next exciting play :)
Everythang Vegan
Best Vegan Food in Arizona !!! They have every meal you can think of, they are what eating healthy is all about !
Fanniel Fashions
They have the best church apparel possible, for every event that you can think of.
Flower Child
I seriously eat Flower Child everyday lol. Their food is the best, my favorite meal is the salmon plate its always so fresh and gets me through my afternoon.
Hint of Soul
BEST SOUL FOOD IN ARIZONA !! This a top 5 favorite, the Chef is amazing you can taste the love she pours into her food. Please if your in Phoenix stop and order a plate you will not be disappointed !
Hot Sauce and Pepper
Best Vegan wings in the valley !! These are more then amazing , once you get a taste you'll never look back !
Krazy3 Cotton Candy:
One of the best cotton candy shops in Arizona. Its always a fresh and rich taste every time my kids and I stop by ! This a favorite of theirs !
Phx Soul
This website will give you every bit of information of whats going on throughout phoenix. Its keeps you updated with all the latest events
Sammie & Dannie
Such a fashionable vintage clothing store, they have items in here I have not seen in years. I absolutely love it!
Stardust & Sage
When I say WOW !! Every crystal and sage possible, I love love this shop. The aura when you walk in is more then welcoming. They have everything you didn't know you need!!
Straw and Wool
Hats , Hats and more Hats !!! This gem has every detail hat you might be interested in and for every occasion !
The Launch Pad Chill and Grill
A great venue space that can hold any kind of event. There was a lot of effort placed into this area .
Vibe Boutique
This boutique has everything you'll need to be a trendsetter, the owner keeps up with all the latest fashion and never disappoints.






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